Cases of misinterpreting Quranic words

Various Quranic verses have been badly misinterpreted. In the majority of cases, these mis-interpretations were a result of the scholar's attempts to uphold the teachings of the hadith (the alleged sayings of prophet Muhammad). When a clear contradiction arose between a Quranic verse and a particular hadith, sadly the interpreters have chosen to corrupt the meaning of the Quranic verse so as to comply with the content of the hadith!

As we have numerous clear cases where the Quran is contradicted by hadith, we must wonder if it is possible that the prophet of God preached what is in contradiction to the word of God?

The answer is that he did not! The genuine believer in the Quran, and in the integrity of the prophet, will arrive at the conclusion that the numerous contradictions between the Quran and the hadith is because the hadith in question is fabricated and cannot be the true words of the prophet.

For more information on the history of the collection and documentation of the hadith please go to: The History of hadith

The following are some of these many misinterpretations:

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1- The Duration of Hajj 2:197

As per 2:197, God decreed that Hajj may be observed anytime during the four "known months" (9:36). This has been corrupted and limited to the first 10 days of the Islamic month of Zhu Al-Hijjah.

2- The manipulation of 24:31

Do the words in 24:31 make it obligatory for women to cover their hair?

3- The word "hikmah" 2:151

As in 2:151, the word "hikmah" means wisdom. The corrupt scholars know that very well but in order to establish a reference in the Quran for the 'hadith and sunna' of prophet Muhammad, when there is none, they claim that the word "hikmah" refers to the hadith of Muhammad.

4- The Crucial Test of 39:45

In this glorious verse God sets decisive criteria for the purity of anyone's faith, but sadly the scholars and interpreters have completely demolished the truth of this verse.

5- The word "shaheed" does not mean martyr 16:89

The correct meaning of the word "shaheed" as used by God in the Quran.

6- What is the correct meaning of the word "waredha" in 19:71?

The corrupt interpretation of this one word has led to a false doctrine that is accepted by the majority of Muslims today!

7- Does the word "ummi" really mean illiterate? 7:157

The correct Quranic meaning of the word "ummi".

8- Is the challenge in 2:23 related to the poetic style of the Quran?

For many centuries the Muslims have claimed that the challenge given in 2:23 is related to the poetic style of the Quran. What is the truth of such a claim?

9- Did God create of everything a male and female? 51:49

Does the word 'pair' in 51:49 refer to male and female, or does it refer to a greater arrangement?

10- What does the word "rajeem" in 15:34 really mean?

Through the corruption of this word, a whole corrupt ritual is being practiced during the annual Hajj (Pilgrimage) which is sadly without any Quranic legislation.

11- Was the dream of Abraham inspired by God? 37:102

In 37:102-111 we read that Abraham saw a dream where he was to slaughter his son. Who was the dream from? What are the implications of this verse?

12- The corruption of the simple command in 6:118

The simple command in 6:118 and how it was replaced by the innovation of 'halal meat'.

13- Was Prophet Muhammad the "Last Messenger"? 33:40

What does the Quran say about this issue, and does the interpretation of the scholars agree with the Quranic account?

14- The corruption of 53:2-4

In these verses God confirms that what was revealed to prophet Muhammad (the Quran) was truly from God and not his own invention. Sadly, the idolisers of Muhammad have twisted the meaning of God's words to imply that every word spoken by Muhammad in his lifetime is to be regarded as divine inspiration!

15- The rich cannot buy themselves out of fasting! 2:184

A misleading interpretation of 2:184 gives the rich the choice to either fast or feed the poor! What is the truth in such a claim?

16- The "lahm" (flesh) of the Pig 5:3

Does God prohibit everything in the pig?

17- The Lie of Abrogation 2:106

A totally twisted interpretation of 2:106 gave birth to a whole new corrupt invented science that claims that some Quranic verses are invalidated by others!

18- The Punishment for theft 5:38

Should the hands of those who steal be chopped off? Is that what the Quran says?

19- The corruption of 33:56

Do the words in 33:56 indicate that Muslims should walk around parroting the phrase "Salli ala al-Nabi", or does the command in 33:56 have a totally different meaning?

20- Obey God and obey the messenger 5:92

This Quranic command has indeed been subject to one of the most serious misinterpretations. Through the manipulation of this Quranic command the devil has duped millions into deserting the Quran and instead follow a version of Islam which is alien to the Quran.

21- Obey those in charge 4:59

The Quranic command given in 4:59 has been subject to deliberate manipulation from the Muslim preachers so as to attain authority not given to them by God.

22- The manipulation of 7:157

Was prophet Muhammad a lawmaker besides God?

23- The corruption of the word "nansakh" in 2:106

The corruption of this little word in 2:106 has been the basis on which the false concept of Quranic Abrogation was fabricated.

24- The manipulation of 33:21

Do the words in 33:21 instruct the believers to copy and mimic the messenger in everything he did from his religious practices, such as details on how he sneezed or with which foot he entered the toilet?

25- The manipulation of 59:7

Do the words in 59:7 elevate the messenger to the status of being a lawmaker besides God as some claim?

26- The manipulation of 20:130

Do the words in 20:130 prove that God authorised 5 Salat per day as some say?

27- Misinterpretation of 56:79

Do the words in this verse prohibit anyone from touching the Quran except after performing ablution (wudu)?

28- The manipulation of 2:239

Do the words in 2:239 indicate that God taught the prophet how to pray?

29- The manipulation of 5:19

Do the words in 5:19 authorise the messenger to teach his own teachings besides the Quran?

30- The manipulation of 17:46

Do the words in 17:46 say "your Lord alone" or "the Quran alone"?

31- The manipulation of 16:44 and 3:164

Do the words in these verses authorise the hadith as a second source besides the Quran?

32- The manipulation of 21:107

Was Muhammad superior to all other prophets?

33- The misinterpretation of 8:41

Does 8:41 set a fixed 20% payment for Zakat?

34- The manipulation of 2:143 and 2:187

Do these Quranic verses compel us to follow the hadith?

35- The misinterpretation of 5:90

Did God prohibit alcoholic drinks in the Quran, or did God only say "avoid it"?

36- The manipulation of 30:17 and 30:18

Why the advocates of the 5 Salat manipulate the meaning of specific Quranic words in order to justify their non Quranic Salat.

37- The manipulation of 33:36

How the followers of hadith, who set up their idols as law makers besides God, manipulate the words in 33:36 to imply that their messenger may issue commands separate from God and that the believers should blindly obey.

38- The manipulation of 3:31

Does "following the messenger" mean to follow the books of hadith and sunna?

39- The manipulation of 33:59

Do the words in 33:59 command women to cover all their bodies?

40- The manipulation of 65:4

Do the words in 65:4 allow marriage to juvenile girls?

41- The manipulation of 4:65

Do the words in 4:65 imply that we should accept the hadith as a source of law?

42- The manipulation of 4:80

Do the words in 4:80 say that the words of the prophet are on par with the words of God?

43- The misinterpretation of 17:79

Do the words in 17:79 speak of an additional Salat?

44- The misinterpretation of 9:24

Do the words in 9:24 invite us to love Muhammad more than our parents, children, spouses, siblings as well as all our wealth and property? In other words, is God inviting us to idolize Muhammad?

45- The misinterpretation of 4:17

Does God accept repentance only if the offence is committed in ignorance?

46- The misinterpretation of 9:29

Does this verse promote war on all non Muslims until they pay the jizyah?

47- The manipulation of 2:223

Does the Quran allow men to rape their wives?

48- The manipulation of 4:43

Does the Quran allow us to drink alcohol outside the times for Salat?

The misinterpretation of 111:1

Who exactly was 'Abi Lahab'?

50- The misinterpretation of 60:10

The legality of the court divorce orders against Muslims, against their will.

Do the words in 3:86 constitute a lawful Shahada for prophet Muhammad?

52- The misinterpretation of 48:29

Do sincere believers have a mark on their foreheads?

53- The misinterpretation of 33:34

Do the words in this verse instruct the believers to follow the hadith and sunna of the prophet?

Do the words in this verse allow men to dominate and beat their wives?

Do the words in this verse refer to an additional Salat not named in the Quran?