Manipulation of 2:143

We did not appoint the Qiblah that you were on except to distinguish the ones who follow the
messenger from the ones who would turn back on their heels. It was indeed a great issue,
but not for those whom God has guided, and God would never allow your faith to
be wasted. God is Benevolent and Merciful towards the people.


Scholars who insist that the Quran alone is not sufficient to practice Islam manipulate a number of Quranic verses to justify their claim. One such verse is 2:143. They state that the previous Qibla, which was intended as a temporary test, is not given full details in the Quran, but it was inspired to the prophet. They add that since this was a command from God which the people had to follow, they had to follow an instruction spoken by the prophet which is not given in the Quran. They thus add that this justifies the need to follow the hadith of the prophet, and that the Quran alone is not sufficient.

They make similar claims regarding 2:187 where we read that the rules for fasting have been relaxed for the receivers of the Quran, but the previous rules are not given in the Quran.
Before replying to this claim, it can be said that the argument they pose for 2:143 is the same as that for 2:187, thus the reply to 2:143 should serve as a reply to 2:187 as well.
One of the interpretations of 2:143 has it that God had set a temporary Qibla as a test for the people of that time, the details of which are not given in the Quran. There are other interpretations for 2:143, but for argument's sake we will assume that this is the correct interpretation.

If this is what happened, then this would have been before it was changed to the Masjid al-Haram in 2:144. It would also mean that since Sura 2 was the 87th Sura to be revealed, with 27 further Suras to be revealed after Sura 2, this temporary Qibla was set before the whole Quran was revealed to Muhammad, and certainly before 2:144 was revealed.
This would mean that the prophet would have received an inspiration about a previous Qibla before the Masjid Al-Haram was set in 2:144 to be the final Qibla.
It would also be correct to say that the believers at that time only had to follow inspiration given to the prophet about a different Qibla, only up to when 2:144 was revealed. It is very important here to note that this would have taken place before the complete Quran was revealed.

What this also means is that after the change of Qibla in 2:144, the details of the previous Qibla do not apply to us today. This is the heart of this matter, and it is the factor which totally invalidates the claims of those who reject the Quran alone.
As a result, we are able to practice perfect Islam today by using the Quran alone. All we are required to do is follow the Qibla in 2:144. The details of the previous Qibla, and in whatever way it was inspired to the prophet, do not apply to us today.

As for the issue of the prophet receiving inspiration from God outside the Quran, this is a matter that cannot be denied. This is a matter that is confirmed in the Quran.
God indeed inspires to His messengers information that is outside the Scripture. One example we have is when God inspired information to Muhammad about some of his wives (66:3). The details of this information are not given in the Quran. The inspiration was connected to a personal matter related to Muhammad alone. Such inspiration did not constitute part of the religion we must follow, thus it was not detailed in the Quran.
God inspires His messengers all the time, but that is not all, God inspires ordinary people and not just messengers. We have the example in 28:7 of how God inspired the mother of Moses to throw her baby son in the river and not to worry.
There is no problem in accepting that inspiration was given to Muhammad outside the Quran. However, we must be focused on the fact that none of this information relates to our practice of Islam today, nor is required by us.

The hadith advocates then ask: If you accept that Muhammad received inspiration from God outside the Quran then why do you not follow his hadith?
The answer is simple:
1- The inspiration given to Muhammad outside the Quran is not necessary for us today to follow Islam.
2- The personal hadith of Muhammad was not inspired by God.
3- We are commanded not to follow any hadith other than the Quran (45:6).

In reply, they claim that every word uttered by Muhammad was inspired by God. They manipulate the words in 53:2-5 to make this claim.
However, if every word uttered by Muhammad was inspired by God, then how come we read in the Quran, on six occasions, that God reprimanded Muhammad for mistakes he made? Is God inspiring mistakes to His messenger, then reprimanding him for them?
The claim of 53:2-5 is given full analysis on the following page: Manipulation of 53:2-5

All the following Quranic matters refute the claims to follow the hadith:

1- God commands us not to believe/follow any hadith other than the Quran (45:6)
2- God tells us that the Quran has all the details we need (6:114) and that nothing has been left out of the Book (6:38). As a result, all that may have been inspired to Muhammad, which is not in the Quran, is not part of our Islam today nor is required of us.
3- God commands us to use the Quran as the only source of law (6:114)
4- God tells us that the hadith is the fabrication of the devil (6:112)
5- God tells us that we are not accountable to what was given to those before us, which refutes the claim associated with the previous Qibla. The Quranic evidence is clear:

That was a nation that has passed away. To them is what they have earned and to you is what you have earned. You are not accountable for what they used to do. 2:134

For every nation, We have appointed a 'mansakan' (rite) they are to observe. 22:67

For each of you, We have decreed a 'shira'a was minhajan' (law and a method). Had God willed, He would have made you one nation, but He tests you through what He has given each of you. 5:48


1- Was Muhammad given inspiration regarding a previous Qibla? It is possible.
2- Is this Qibla applicable to us today? No, the only Qibla that is applicable to us today is the one in 2:144.
3- Do we need information about this previous Qibla in order to practice our religion? No.
4- Does 2:143 justify the call to follow hadith? No, the call to follow hadith violates the Quranic commands above.

The same reply applies to 2:187. Whatever rules were connected to fasting in the past do not apply to us today, their details do not need to be in the Quran. We do not need these details to practice Islam. The fact still remains; the Quran is all we need. The Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed.