Do the words in 65:4 legalise paedophilia?

With regards to your women who have given up on menstruation, should you be in doubt, then their interim
shall be three months, and that also applies to those who have not menstruated. As for those who are pregnant,
their term ends upon giving birth. Whoever reveres God, He makes his affairs easy for him.

The words
"those who have not menstruated" do not speak of girls who have not yet reached puberty as some scholars have suggested (in their attempt to legalise the perverted marriages to girls under the age of puberty). These words speak of women of reproductive age who do not menstruate. This is a medical condition that is found in some women and known as Amenorrhea. We know from 4:6 that God ties the minimum age of marriage to reaching puberty. This twisted manipulation of God's words is doing great damage to the image of Islam in the world.
The subject of 65:4 is the after-divorce interim during which a divorced woman may not re-marry. This interim is set by God in case the divorced woman is pregnant with the child of the previous husband. The normal after-divorce interim set by God is 3 menstruations (2:228), however, the interim set by God in 65:4, which is 3 months, is specifically for women who have given up on menstruation, as well as women who do not menstruate.

To interpret the phrase "those who have not menstruated" as girls below the age of puberty would ultimately raise the following question:
Why would a girl who has not yet attained puberty be required to fulfil a 3 month interim when physically she cannot be pregnant at that age? Such a question exposes the totally un-Quranic interpretation of such scholars.

There will always be those who try to manipulate God's words to suit their culture or ideology, but God is always one step ahead of them. The requirement of the 3 months interim gives indisputable evidence that the ones spoken of in 65:4 are women who are at an age where they can become pregnant. That is why they need an interim of 3 months before re-marrying, in case they are pregnant with the child of the first husband, then that would be known.
In contrast, girls below the age of puberty cannot be pregnant at that age, and so they do not need to fulfil an interim, thus they cannot be the subject of the verse.