Does the code of the Quran confirm the 24434 format?
By: A.Muhammad

It has been put forward by some believers that the code of the Quran (19) confirms the following:

1- The 24434 format for the Salat rakas is God-given.

2- This format, even though not in the Quran, came to us preserved across the ages.

This paper aims to verify these claims.

With the use of the 24434 format and various other variables, these believers proceeded to form linear arrangements (numbers placed side by side), all of which produced multiples of nineteen. Consequently, it was declared that these calculations are awesome signs from God to assure us that the 24434 is the correct format for the Salat rakas.

It is the aim here to verify mathematically the truth and validity of such findings, and whether these signs truly present divine signs for such a claim or not.

This paper also poses the question of: What is the possibility of obtaining identical mathematical permutations, all multiples of 19, by using a different format than 24434?


1- To conduct this comparative research let us assume that the 5 daily Salat is the correct number of Salat authorised in the Quran, which for a start is an erroneous claim against the Quran. For the Quranic evidence of the correct number of Salat in the Quran, please go to: Number of daily Salat

2- Let us assume also that the traditional total number of daily rakas of 17 to be authorised by God and that it has been preserved across the generations.

3- Now, to test the validity of these claims, and for demonstration purposes, let us replace the traditional format (24434), with the format 43244.

Now, what is the chance of obtaining the same multiples of 19 by using this new format? And if that can be achieved, how credible then is the claim that these calculations are signs from God? Can the signs of God be duplicated by man?

Well, let us make a start:

Fact 1 The total of the 5 digits in 43244 = 17 (same as 24434).

Fact 2 The number 24434 is a multiple of 19 (19 x 1286).

The sum of the digits numbers 1286 = 17 (1 + 2 + 8 + 6)

Equally, 43244 is a multiple of 19 (19 x 2276)

also, the sum of the digits 2276 = 17

Fact 3 The next calculation they came up with was to place the number of rakas in the day (17) alongside the number of the Sura number 1 (The Key) that is read in the prayer along the 24434 format. The number obtained is: 17124434 = 19 x 901286

When we form the same arrangement with our improvised 43244 we get:

17143244, which is also multiple of 19 = 19 x 902276

Fact 4 In the next calculation, still using our improvised raka format, more Salat data are used. First, the number of daily Salat (5) is written, followed by the total number of rakas (17), followed by the number of the Sura (Key) that is read in the prayer (1), followed by the number of verses in the Key (7), followed by the Gematric Value of the Basmala (786). The resulting number is: 51717786

Alongside this number we write the number 1423324454

This number is the number of each Salat, followed by the number of raka in that Salat, and so: Salat 1 has 4 raka, followed by Salat 2 which has 3 raka, and so on. Remember we are using our improvised format of 43244.

The resulting number is: 51717786 1423324454 = 19 x 27219887443332866

Fact 5 The number of daily Salat (5), is added to the total number of raka (17). This gives 22. Now we place this number (22) after the number we used in the last example (1423324454), we get:

1423324454 22 ….. = 19 x 19 x 394272702

Remember, we are still using our improvised format of 43244.

Fact 6 In the next calculation, other acts of the Salat are incorporated. They are: The number of keys, bowing, prostration and tashahud that are performed in each of the 5 Salat. Following those numbers the important number of prayers in a day (5) is added.

This would give us the following number:

114482 23362 32241 44482 54482 5 = 19 x 6025380717011797078028675

This number (a multiple of 19) is made up of the Sura number of the Key (1) then the number of the first prayer (1) then the number Keys (4), Bbowing (4), prostration (8) and tashahud (2) of this first Salat, which in our improved format has 4 raka.

The same is done for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th prayers followed by the total number of prayers (5). Remember we are still using the format of 43244.

Fact 7 The following table gives the total number of raka in the different days of the week.

Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
17 17 17 17 17 17 15 = 19 x ....

Friday is written as 15 Raka due to the traditional deduction of 2 raka from the noon prayer (replaced by the sermon).

The resulting number is 17171717171715 = 19 x 903774587985

The same is applicable to the result obtained by inserting the number of the day before the units of prayer in each day. The resultant number is also a multiple of 19:

Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Frid
117 217 317 417 517 617 715 = 19 x ....

The same as the previous example, except take Friday as the first day of the week instead of the last day. The resultant number is also a multiple of 19:

Frid Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur
115 217 317 417 517 617 717 = 19 x ....

Fact 8 Now we will replace every number 17 (total number of daily raka) with the broken down raka format which is 43244 (remember we are still using the format 43244). Similary, since the Friday Congregational Prayer is shortened by 2 rakas, we do the same here. According to the 43244 format the Friday Noon Prayer was 3 raka, and thus it is shortened by 2 Rakas to become sermon + 1 raka, therefore we replace 15 by 41244 (for Friday). The resultant number is also a multiple of 19:

Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Frid
1 43244 2 43244 3 43244 4 43244 5 43244 6 43244 7 41244 = 19 x ....

Fact 9 The same as the previous, except again take Friday as the first day of the week, instead of the last day. The resultant number is also a multiple of 19:

Frid Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur
1 41244 2 43244 3 43244 4 43244 5 43244 6 43244 7 43244 = 19 x ....


We have a dilemma here! Surely all these awesome and intricate calculations must be signs from God to authenticate the 43244 format, or are they?

Remember that the format we used in the above calculations (43244) was our own improvised format. Also remember that all the above calculations will yield multiples of 19 when we use the traditional format of 24434.

Can God be giving us divine signs for two quite different formats? This is crazy, what does all this mean?

What it means is that none of the above calculations can be considered to be signs from God, for a number of reasons:

1- The Holy Quran tells us that God's signs cannot be duplicated (2:23) therefore, since these calculations were duplicated by a different format, then they cannot be from God!

2- The code of the Quran (19) is installed in the Quran for the sole purpose of authenticating the source of the Quran; that being God. The code 19 is not given to us to abuse it by attempting to justify all kinds of un-Quranic rituals!

Sadly, many who seem to have totally misunderstood the role of the code 19, in their euphoria of 19 intoxication, have used the code 19 in justifying totally un-Quranic matters. In the case of this search, we see how some have used the code 19 to justify their un-Quranic 24434, as well as the un-Quranic raka concept itself. Please see: How many raka?

Others have come with similar manipulations to predict the future or to claim messengership and so on. To offset this trend, this research is meant to give food for thought for those who are unbiased and are truly seeking the truth.

In contrast to all such manipulated calculations, the miracle of 19 in the Quran is mathematically captivating and can never be duplicated. It covers all aspects of the Book and is indisputable.

One excellent observation about the intricacy of the miracle of 19 was in the words of the believer who said:

'In terms of probability it is more plausible to think that the Arabic alphabet was set to accommodate the miracle, rather than the miracle being set on an already established alphabet.'

These are indeed great insightful words.

In his excellent article (Beyond Probability), Abdullah Arik has demonstrated what makes the miracle in the Quran truly awesome, as it presents a complete defiance of the laws of probabilities.

We must be very careful before describing any calculations as 'Awesome signs from God'! As mentioned, God has defined for us His signs as those that cannot be duplicated. What makes them miraculous is that they are unique. The calculations obtained from 24434 are not unique, they can be duplicated as shown in this research.

To conclude, God's signs in connection to the code 19 in the Quran must satisfy three important requirements:

1- They must be impossible to duplicate (2:23)
2- They must be calculations/signs which confirm the Quran or confirm Quranic information, and not attempt to justify rituals which were never authorised by God in the Quran!
3- They must be calculations which are totally based on Quranic data rather than non Quranic data, such as the data used in the calculations above.

Needless to say, the calculations of 24434 and 43244 above fail on each of the three requirements above.