The Pillars of Islam

Although we do not see the words "Pillars of Islam" as such in the Quran, this is merely a phrase that speaks of the principle practices of the religion of Islam. These five practices constitute the foundation of Islam, they are:

1- Testimony of Faith 2- The Prayer 3- The Obligatory Charity 4- The Fasting of Ramadan 5- The Pilgrimage

Important Notice

The details presented here for each of the five Pillars of Islam are a presentation of what is contained and authorised in the Quran and nothing else. Consequently, many rules/practices that are taken for granted and considered by many Muslims to be integral parts of Islamic practice are absent here simply because they are not authorised in the Quran. May we all be reminded of God's clear words in the Quran:

Shall I seek other than God as a lawmaker when it is He who has brought down to you the Book fully detailed? 6:114

Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord 33:2

Or do they have 'shuraka' (partners) who legislate for them of the religion what God did not authorise? 42:21

Ultimately, it is up to each reader to decide for themselves whether to stick to God's Law in the Quran or to follow additional practices not found in the Quran.