Part Six

Do the hadith followers follow the Quran?

A comparative research between what the Quran states and what the hadith followers follow.

82- The teachings of the church and the true Jesus

A comparative research comparing the Biblical Jesus with the Jesus portrayed by the church. Also a comparison with the Quran's portrayal of Jesus.

A presentation of the requirements mentioned in the Quran for marriage.

84- Jinn Possessions and Magic Spells

Are jinn able to possess people? What is the truth about magic?

85- Circumcision: The covenant between God and Abraham

An inquiry into the authenticity of this covenant from a Quranic perspective.

An inquiry into the act of suspicion from a Quranic perspective.

A Quranic perspective and inquiry into the legality of using such terms, as well as the truth in them.

88- Tears in Paradise!

How is it possible for the believers who make it to Paradise to be happy when they know that their loved ones are suffering in Hell?

Why are only some people guided and not all people?

This article deals with the manipulated interpretation of 5:35.

A Quranic research to determine who was the Pharaoh at the time of Moses who defied God and refused to let the Children of Israel go.

Does the command to turn the face towards the Masjid Al-Haram to be done during the Salat? If yes, where is the Quranic evidence?

The truth in the claim that all alterations to the human body, such as plastic surgery and others are haram.

An analytical article examining how much does the 'Flat Earth' model stack up against Quranic evidence.

An analytical article examining the true incentives of some people who readily discard all evidence and base their decisions on other factors.

An analytical article examining the methods used in determining the first and last day of Ramadan and how much are they in line with the Quranic guideleines for this matter.

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