Part Seven

Mecca or Petra?

Which source of evidence should we believe?

98- Trusting in God

Benefits reaped through trusting in God.

99- Intelligence and the acceptance of God

Are people with more intelligent brains granted an unfair advantage?

100- Justice and Personal Desire

Were the wives of prophet Muhammad treated unfairly in 33:51?

101- Is learning Arabic a must?

Does a person have to learn the Arabic language to be a Muslim and to understand the Quran?

102- The pairing of the Salat and the Zakat

Why are the Salat and the Zakat paired in numerous Quranic verses?

103- Was Moses the maternal uncle of Jesus?

Do the words in 19:28 imply that Moses was the maternal uncle of Jesus?

104- Commentary on a debate about God's existence

Reply to the claims put forth by a renown atheist during a debate centered about the question "Does God exist?"

105- How to avoid losing concentration during the Salat

An analysis of the loss of concentration during the Salat: What are the causes and what are the recommendations that may help prevent this from happening.

An analytic article which tackles the fears and doubts of believers who follow the Quran alone for guidance upon seeing that they form a very small minority among the rest of the Muslims.

An analytic article presenting the Quranic definition of the concept of riba, and aimed at purifying the concept from all non-Quranic additions, assumptions and rulings.

Is this pandemic just another virus, or are there important lessons to be learned from it? An analytical article that addresses this question in the light of the Quran.

The correct Quranic method to determine the first and last days of fasting at any location.

The Quranic verdict regarding the legality of adoption.

An article that examines abortion from a Quranic perspective.

Various Quranic verses in which the messenger mentioned is the Quran.


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