Part Two

17- Abraham's Sacrifice

An investigative article that presents the Quranic truth about Abraham's sacrifice.

18- Marriage to non-Muslims

An article that presents the Quranic rules for marriage to people of other faiths.

19- Fred's 'Short Cake'

An article that demonstrates why some believers fall for the false claim that the Quran does not contain all the details of the religion.

20- The 'Ending' of the Salat

How should all believers end their Salat and what words should they say.

21- The word 'ujoor' for women

What does the word 'ujoor' for women in marriage mean? Is it a one off dowry or is it an on-going wage to be paid by the husband to his wife throughout the marriage?

22- Prayers for the Dead

Is there any benefit from offering prayers for the dead? A Quranic insight into this issue.

23- The Reincarnation theory

Does the Quran support the Reincarnation theory?

24- The Missing Frequencies

An inquisitive look into the absence of frequencies in the Quran with regards to the rituals of the religion.

25- Al-Rahman

A new insight into the meaning of one of God's names; Al-Rahman.

26- Can the devil physically harm the humans?

Can the devil inflict physical harm, hardship or adversity upon the human being?

27- The 'New Wave' Interpreters

In this day and age it is no longer necessary to wear a turban and grow a beard to be recognised as a Muslim 'Mufasser' (Interpreter). There is now a new breed of Internet "Interpreters" who are doing a great job in dismantling many Quranic concepts!

28- The Teacher who walked with Moses

Who was the servant of God who walked, talked and passed wisdom to Moses?

29- The death of believers

Do the believers really die? What does the Quran say?

30- How authentic are the hadith labelled 'sahih'

How authentic are the 'authentic' hadith we have today, such as the collections of Bukhari and Muslim?

31- The Testament of Faith

In a well researched article brother Mike Blessing questions the origin of the second shahadah and its validity.

32- Does the Quran permit men to beat their wives?

The answer to this question is presented here with a very well written article by brother Edip Yuksel.


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