New Information

uncovered in the Quran

Recently, various pieces of information that were kept hidden in the Quran for 14 centuries were decreed by God to be uncovered through His messenger. This role was given to Dr. Rashad Khalifa the messenger of God.
Undoubtedly Dr. Rashad Khalifa (1935-1990) was given special inspiration to unveil a number of Quranic truths that lay dormant for many centuries. Every one of these pieces of information are contained and authorised in the Quran, they are not the invention of Dr. Khalifa as some sceptics claim.

Besides these Quranic pieces of information unveiled by Dr. Khalifa, there were also other Quranic issues that were not so much hidden as much as ignored by the majority of Muslims. It was also the role of Dr. Khalifa to re-emphasise these issues. Examples are the Myth of Intercession and the correct meaning of devoting all worship practices to God alone.

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