The selection of a messenger

God selects His messengers according to His infinite Wisdom. God knows who among his servants is best qualified to deliver the message entrusted to him. From the information we have about the life of many previous messengers, we know that such issues as education, wealth, or social status were never factors in the equation when it comes to God's selection of His messengers.

According to all historical accounts, we know that messengers such Abraham, Jesus, Jacob, Joseph, Muhammad and others had no notable claim to social status and had no material aspirations.

However, we do know that these prophets have all been men highly honoured and regarded for their integrity and the purity of their lives even by those who later, on the announcement of their claims, became their enemies.

Moreover, almost all of God's prophets, were not known to be learned men or scholars in the arts and culture of their times, yet, God chose each of them to deliver His revelations.

Sadly, the human being is not always able to comprehend the wisdom and purpose of the divine plan. We read in the Quran how every messenger sent by God was ridiculed by his people:

Never did a messenger come to them, without them ridiculing him. 15:11

When they see you, they only make a mockery of you: "Is this the one whom God sent as a messenger?" 25:41

We read in Sura 43 how the community of Muhammad ridiculed him during the early days of the revelation because he did not match their idea of a messenger as being one of the prominent elite of Mecca or Yathrib (Medina):

And they said, "If only this Quran was brought down to a great man of the two towns (Mecca or Yathrib)!" 43:31

Yes, it is true that Muhammad had no notable claim to social status or power and had no material aspirations, yet little did his enemies know that as a result of the revelation he delivered from God, he would become a key factor in bringing about everlasting changes in the history and civilisation of the world. The same argument applies to other prophets of God.