False accusations against the Quran

The bulk of false accusations that are directed against the Quran come from two sources. The first is through sceptics who claim that the Quran is full of contradictions, and therefore they add that it could not be the Word of God. These claims are analysed under the title 'Contradiction Claims' below.

The second source is sadly the great number of Muslim scholars who have invented one of the greatest lies against God and the Quran. They claim that a large number of Quranic verses have been abrogated by other verses. If what they claim is true, it would reduce God Almighty to being an undecided legislator who decreed many laws, then changed His mind, cancelled them and replaced them with others!

Through their ignorance of the Quran, these scholars have clearly violated a basic truth in the Quran which states that the Words of God can never be abrogated:

The Word of your Lord has been completed, in truth and justice. Nothing can change His Words. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable. 6:115

There is no changing the Words of God. 10:64

A.L.R. A Book whose verses have been perfected. 11:1

This claim is also analysed, to view click 'Abrogation Claims'.