Those who believe and those who are Jewish, the Christians and the
Sabians - all who believe in God and the Last Day and do good
deeds; they will have their reward from their Lord. No fear will
there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.

The Sabians (Ssabi’een in Arabic) are believed to have been a monotheistic Abrahamic religious group which is mentioned three times in the Quran. It is believed that they followed the ‘Zaboor’ (known in the Bible as The Psalms) which was given to prophet David.

Sadly, some among the fanatic Muslims seem to be distressed when reminded of this particular verse. Out of prejudice, they do not relish the idea that some Jews and some Christians are destined for heaven. Sadly, they have reduced the religion of Islam to being the religion of the Quran alone and of Muhammad alone! Once again they only show their ignorance with the Quran. It is instated in the Quran that Islam is as old as Abraham.

God is aware that among the Jews, Christians and other creeds there are pure worshippers of God who lead a righteous life. They too shall be rewarded and will not grieve.

So who among the Christians is God speaking about in 2:62? We are told in 5:72-73 that all who believe in the "trinity" or that Jesus is God in the flesh are disbelievers. Consequently, it is clear that in 2:62 God is not speaking of all Christians. The Christians who uphold the trinity and the divinity of Jesus, the god whom they believe in, are not worshipping the real Almighty God. The god whom they believe in, and who is a third of a trinity, is not the real One Almighty God, but a distorted tri-god image that is not befitting of God Almighty. The god whom they believe in who (allegedly) attained the form of a man (Jesus) and was crucified (allegedly) for our sins, once again is not the real God. The real God is One, Almighty and is unseen. The real God created Jesus rather than share His godliness with Jesus! Therefore, 2:62 does not speak of such Christians.

The words in 2:62 speak of those among the Jews and Christians who uphold God’s absolute authority and worship Him as their only god. They will surely be redeemed into God’s paradise and they will have nothing to fear nor will they grieve.