The correct meaning of the word 'AKADA' in 20:15


I do not speak or read Arabic very well. In Sura 20:15 what is the correct translation? Does it really say the hour will be almost hidden? This has been the subject of some of my disputes with other Muslims who say that it does not say that and say it says will remain hidden. I have tried to find some online Quran translations and did find that some say "I almost conceal it". But still others say "will remain hidden". Can you please confirm the correct translation?


The correct translation of these important words in 20:15 is: “I almost hide it/conceal it”
The first 5 words in 20:15, word by word, are:

Inna = Indeed
Al-Sa'aah = the Hour (the Hour is one of the names of the end of the world)
Aatiya = is coming
AKADA = I almost
Akhfiha = hide it/conceal it
These words in English are:

The Hour is surely coming. I will keep it almost hidden.

The word AKADA (I almost) in
20:15 cannot be ignored.
The word KADA means: almost
And the word AKADA means: I almost

The correct meaning of the word KADA is confirmed in the Quran as we read in the following verse:

God has redeemed the prophet and the immigrants and the supporters who followed him in the hour of hardship, after the hearts of a group of them KADA (almost) faltered. He then redeemed them, for He was Benevolent and Merciful towards them. 9:117

God promised us that the Quran gives us explanations to all things. Indeed, God be praised never breaks His promise:

That will be on the day will come when We raise up from every nation a witness against them from among themselves and We brought you as a witness against these. We have brought the Book down to you providing explanations for all things, guidance, mercy, and good news for the Submitters.