The Jews and Ezra


We read in
9:30 that some Jews called Ezra the son of God.
Unlike Christians who never deny their belief that Jesus is the son of God, I have never come across any Jewish person who confirms that any Jews, now or in the past, have ever called Ezra the son of God!
My question is how do we align the Jewish denial of this matter with the Quranic words in 9:30?


Indeed, we read about this matter in

The Jews said, "Ezra is the son of God,"
and the Christians said, "The Messiah is the son of God!" Such are utterances from their own mouths. They emulate the utterances of those who have disbelieved before. God fights them; how are they deluded? 9:30

From what we know about Ezra, he was a Jewish scribe and priest who lived in the years 480-440 BC.
The fact that Jews today have no recollection of this event does not necessarily mean that it never happened, rather, it could mean that it happened a long time ago, and that it is not documented in the available historical records.
It probably happened shortly after the death of Ezra, since it is human nature to idolise religious figures shortly after their death.
These acts of idolising humans is confirmed in the Quran:

They took their scholars, their monks and the Messiah, the son of Mary, as lords besides God when they were commanded to worship One God. There is no god except Him. Glory to Him, far above whatever they associate with Him.

The Jews today deny this event simply because it is not found in the historical records available to them today. However, the Jews today were not among the early Jews who called Ezra the son of God, so they are not in an informed position to be able to confirm or deny such an event.

The Jews have always been a very monotheistic people, and so an event as serious as calling a man a son of God could have been deliberately erased from historical records for the embarrassment it would have caused. Such event would contradict their stand when they vehemently oppose, and rightly so, the Christian doctrine of calling Jesus the son of God.
For those reasons, what the Jews today confirm or what they deny cannot be regarded as concrete evidence to what happened more than 2000 years ago.
It is not a case of the Jews being aware of the event and denying it, rather, it is more a genuine case of them not having the accurate historical records about the matter.

It is worthwhile here to relate another identical historical incident where a whole event was erased from the historical records of a people.
The story of Moses and how he defied and defeated Pharaoh, and freed the Children of Israel from bondage, is confirmed in the Bible and the Quran. However, we do not find any record of Moses in any of the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic writings or on any of the temple drawings of ancient Egypt.
The reason for this omission is undoubtedly not any different from the issue of Jews and Ezra.
The defeat of Pharaoh on the hands of a man with a staff, and the drowning of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea, was undoubtedly a very shameful blot on the history of the great Egyptian civilization and the high status of the Pharaohs. For that, the name of Moses was to be erased from all ancient Egyptian temples, monuments and artefacts.

The calling of Ezra a son of God would have undoubtedly caused great embarrassment to a totally monotheistic people as the Jews that it could have also been erased from all Jewish historical accounts.

To conclude, the only absolute evidence is the word of God, and since God stated in the Quran that some Jews called Ezra the son of God, then there can be no doubt about it.