Quranic phrases


What is the difference between "inn sha Allah" and "ma sha Allah" please?


Inn sha Allah
The literal meaning of "Inn sha Allah" = If God wills
We should say this phrase before we do anything, this we say to declare our acceptance that nothing happens unless it is God's will.
Example: I will come to visit you tomorrow inn sha Allah (if God wills)

Ma sha Allah
The literal meaning of "Ma sha Allah" = This is what God has willed.
This we should say after things happen, it is often used to express delight at something that is God-given that we see or that we are given.

: When you visit your friend, you see his 10 year old daughter who happens to be very beautiful, so you say ma sha Allah, expressing delight at the blessing which God gave this child and to your friend.
Or, if we visit a beautiful landscape with beautiful scenery, we can also say ma sha Allah, to express appreciation of what God willed in His creation, and so on.


18:39 we read about the man whom God gave a garden of plentiful fruit, but he boasted about it rather than show gratitude to God for the blessing he was given.
One day God caused the garden to perish, then his friend reminded him that in stead of boasting and not thanking God, he should have said "ma sha Allah" whenever he entered his garden in appreciation of God's blessing.
Sincere believers, who acknowledge that nothing happens unless it be God's will, and who are also appreciative of God's blessings, should often say both of the above phrases.