Why are animals despised by God when they are believers?


From the Quran, we know that all the animals are believers, so why does God use insulting descriptions of some animals in the Quran, such as in 7:166, 25:44, 31:19 ?


Then when they were defiant against what they were forbidden from, We said to them, "Be apes, despised." 7:166

Or do you think that most of them can hear or reason? They are just like cattle! In fact, they are further astray. 25:44

Walk with purpose in your step and lower your voice. Indeed, the most repulsive sound is the sound of donkeys." 31:19

Let us analyse the first verse (7:166). It can then be shown that the analysis will apply to the other 2 verses as well.
By reading the words in 7:166, we can then ask: Who are apes despised by? The words in 7:166 do not tell us if apes are despised by God or by humans? However, the Quran, as always, gives us the answer.
The same question applies to the other 2 verses:
- In 62:5, who does the sound of a donkey sound unpleasant to? Is it to God or to humans?
- In 25:44, who regards cattle and animals in general to be astray? Is it God or humans?

The answer that is consistent with Quranic information is that it is the human being who despises apes, and it is the human being who regards the sound of donkeys to be unpleasant, and it is the human being who thinks that cattle and other animals are stupid and astray because they are not as clever as us!
What does the Quran tell us about how God regards animals?

Animals were the more clever ones because they made the right choice when God offered the responsibility to all who are in the heavens and the earth. In contrast, it was the human being who made the wrong choice and was "transgressing, ignorant" (33:72).

All animals glorify and worship God constantly (24:41), but only a minority among humans are believers (12:103).

From the above 2 Quranic facts, we may well ask:
How can the animals who glorify God day and night be despised by God, or be considered astray by God?
The answer to this inquiry becomes clear:
God does not despise any animals when they are the ones who glorify Him day and night, nor does God regard the sound of any of His creations unpleasant. It is God who created all sounds in the first place. And definitely, God does not think that cattle are astray when it is cattle and animals in general who glorify Him and worship Him.

In contrast, it is the human being who often looks down on various animals. The human being does so due to arrogance, and more importantly, due to the human's ignorance of the true facts of this matter?