Seven universes or seven atmospheric layers?


I have read that the words 7 samawat (skies) mentioned in a number of Quranic verses, such as
2:29, refer to the 7 layers of our atmosphere and not to 7 universes. Could you please let me know if this is the correct meaning?


The Quranic verses which tell us that God created seven 'samawat' (skies), refer to seven universes. The seven universes are placed in layers, one on top of the other and our universe is in the innermost universe of the seven. The phrase "seven skies" does not refer to the atmospheric layers of planet earth.

As usual, God always gives us the proof in the Quran for any Quranic subject, and the following verses include the confirmation of these matters:

So He ordained them
seven 'samawat' (universes) in two days and inspired in every universe its commands. We adorned the 'sama al-donia' (the lowest universe) with 'masabeeh' (lamps) and guarded it. Such is the determination of the Dignified, the Knowledgeable. 41:12

The word 'lamps' in 41:12 refers to the stars which are the lamps in the universe that give off light.
The words 41:12 state that the stars are located in the lowest universe. This rules out the possibility that the seven samawat refer to the atmospheric layers of earth because the stars are not in any layer of our atmosphere.

The words in 41:12 also confirm that the universe where the stars are located (our universe) is the lowest universe.
We then have the following verse which confirms that the seven universes are one on top of the other in layers:

He is the One who
created seven universes in layers. You do not see any inconsistency in the creation of the Almighty. Return your sight to it, do you see any flaw? 67:3

Together, the above 2 verses confirm the following:

1- God created seven universes.
2- The seven universes are in layers, one inside the other.
3- The lowest/innermost universe is adorned with stars.
4- We are in the innermost universe because the stars are in our universe.