Those who are forced into non Quranic practices


Salam, my father told me that he is forcing me to practice the Sunni/hadith way by praying 5 time wearing a head-cover, attending lessons on Sunni aqeedah until I leave home despite 'no compulsion in religion'! I feel like I will be a fake Sunni. Will Allah punish me for being forced to worship him in the Sunni way?


It is very sad to hear of what your father is doing!
As you rightly said, what he is doing is against the command from God not to force anyone in matters of religion, for there should never be compulsion in religion (la ikrah fi al-deen), 2:256.

But do not worry, God understands and would not hold anyone accountable when they are forced. God judge's people by the content of their hearts.
Here are Quranic words that confirm that those who are forced are not to be blamed:

The one who disbelieves in God after having acquired faith,
not the one who is forced when his heart is content with faith, but the one who opened his chest fully to disbelief; upon those is wrath from God and they shall have a great punishment. 16:106

What the words in 16:106 say is that the ones who will have a great punishment are those whose hearts are immersed in disbelieve, but not those who are forced when their hearts are full of faith, they are not to be blamed nor punished.
What you can do is use what they are doing to you to your advantage.
When you are forced to observe a non Quranic Salat, like the Asr Salat for example, in your heart tell God that you are repeating the Wusta Salat, and the same with other Salat.

Your reward ensha Allah will thus be doubled, for you would be doing more acts of worship for God, and making those around you think that you are following their non Quranic Salat.
By doing that, you will be smarter than them, and they will wish they listened to you on the day they face God, the One, the Most Merciful.
Please read the following page which shows the difference between repeating the rituals authorised by God, and observing non Quranic rituals that were never authorised by God: Why observing 5 Salat is wrong