Shahada inscribed on rocks and trees


Regarding your claim that the attachment of Prophet Muhammad’s name to the Shahada is not Quranic, how do you explain the fact that this Shahada of 'La ilaha ila Allah, Muhammad rasool Allah' has been found on some rocks and some trees? Is this not a divine seal of approval from God?


Before answering your question, it must be said that it is not I who wrote that the shahada for Muhammad is not Quranic; it is the Quran what tells us so. The Shahada given to us in the Quran (
3:18) has no name other than the name of God. The only ones to utter the shahada for Muhammad in the Quran are the hypocrites (63:1).

As for the inscriptions that may have been found on some rocks or trees, is it not possible that these words were inscribed on rocks and trees by humans?
The heart of the matter is that if the correct shahada that is authorised by God included the name of Muhammad, God would have told us about it in the Quran and not on rocks or trees! The only Shahada which God authorised in the Quran has only one name, the name of God:

God bears witness that there is no god except Him, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge, upholding justice. There is no God except Him, the Dignified, the Wise. 3:18

For more details see: Quranic Shahada

The question is then for you to answer: Do you want to be one of
"those who possess knowledge" or do you want to derive your religion from rocks and trees?