How many days for Hajj


Is there a minimum number of days in which we can observe the Hajj? The Imam at my masjid told me that it must not be less than 7 days, is that correct?


What your Imam told you is not correct and in fact it contradicts the law of God in the Quran.

And commemorate God for a number of days. Whoever hastens in two days incurs no sin and whoever stays longer incurs no sin, so long as he exercises reverence. You shall revere God and know that you shall be gathered before Him.

The words
"Whoever hastens in two days incurs no sin" confirm that the minimum number of days which God allows for performing Hajj is two days. However, if a believer makes the effort to travel all the way to Mecca to observe his/her Hajj, it would benefit them much more to stay longer to commemorate and praise God.

It is worthwhile to consider the implication of this Quranic rule and its role in exposing the non-Quranic ritual of stoning which Muslims observe during their Hajj. To observe this ritual, Muslims spend between 2 to 3 days to complete this pagan ritual which has no authorisation in the Quran. These days are spent between collecting the pebbles to actually throwing the pebbles. However, in 2:203 God allows the believers to complete the whole the Hajj in 2 days. Has God miscalculated, or are these people observing a ritual not authorised by God?
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