How many times to wash our hands?


Salamunalaikum, a friend of mine told me that the Quran does not give us all the details we need to practice the rituals. He gave the following example: The Quran tells us to wash our face, hands, etc in wudu, but it does not tell us how many times. We only find this information in the hadith.


You are right, the Quran does not tell us how many times to wash our face or hands in wudu. However, the Quran gave us all the information that we need to observe a complete wudu by instructing us to "wash" our faces, hands, etc. Perhaps you ought to go to your friend and ask him the following question:

"When you were a young boy, say 7 or 8 years old, and your mother asked you to wash your hands before you eat your food, did you ever ask your mother: "How many times do you want me to wash my hands?"

Naturally your friend never asked his mother such a question because, even at that young age, he must have known that washing the hands means till they are clean, right?
So how come that now, when he is a grown up man, does he ask such a question and complain that God did not give us such details in the Quran?

The question of your friend is an example of many similar questions which are asked by the hadith followers in their constant attempts to prove that the Quran does not have all the details.
However, the sincere believers believe the words of God in the Quran which assure us that all the details of our religion are in the Quran.

Shall I seek other than God as a lawmaker when it is He who has brought down to you
the Book (Quarn) fully detailed? 6:114

This (Quran) is not fabricated hadith, but an authentication of what came before it, a detailed account of all things and guidance and mercy for people who believe. 12:111

We did not leave anything out of the book (Quran). 6:38

We brought
the Book (Quran) down to you providing explanations for all things , guidance, mercy, and good news for the Submitters. 16:89

Indeed, the Quran is perfect (11:1), complete (6:115) and fully detailed (6:114, 12:111, 6:38, 16:89).