Leaving a Will

I was reading verse 4:11:
"Concerning your children, God commands you that a son should have the equivalent of 2 daughters ...."

I need clarity. If this is God's commandment, how can I go against it and leave equal shares to my daughter and my son (in my will)?


gives us general rules of inheritance.
The reason you ask the question above is because you quoted part of 4:11 but did not quote the most important part. If you read the rest of the verse you will read the very important words that all these rules (male double female, etc) are applicable: "after a will or debt".

These words confirm that the terms of the will must be executed first and before the rest is divided.
In 2:180 God commands us to write a will when we feel death near (if we have not written one yet). If you read 2:180 (or any verse which mentions the word WILL) you will see that God did not place any restrictions on how we should write our will. In 2:180 we are told to write the will equitable and fairly, the word “bil maaroof” in 2:180 means fairly.
So if your daughter is poor and your son is rich, if you write a will where you still leave for your son double what you leave for your daughter then this would not be a fairly written will, will it?
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