Part Four

49- A Glimpse into God's Mercy

Glimpses of God's awesome mercy as told in the Quran

50- The Preservation of the Quran (15:9 and 41:42)

Does God's promise to preserve the Quran mean divine censorship over every human publication of the Quran? This article provides the Quranic meaning of preservation.

51- Are temporary 'Mutaa Marriages' allowed in the Quran?

How lawful are the temporary marriages contracted by some Muslims in the light of the Quran?

52- More about the age of 40

Why some people find it difficult to accept the age of 40 ruling, plus additional analysis into this merciful act of God.

53- The use of 'We' in the Quran

Often God uses the plural 'We' or 'Us' in the Quran. Does that denote multiple gods as some non-Muslims claim?

54- Before Calculation there must be Authorisation

An analysis of the deceptive calculations worked out by some to justify their non Quranic rituals.

55- The Human Immune System

In this article by Sister Anita H. we learn interesting scientific information about the intricate workings of our Immun Systems which are designed by God for our protection.

56- Is God more Merciful in the Bible than the Quran?

What is the truth in the claim by some that the Quran is full of punishment, anger and burning fire, while as in the Bible, it is all about God's mercy?

57- Quranic input regarding homosexuality

A presentation of this subject in the Quran.

58- God's tests and equality

A Quranic analysis of the tests God gives various people.

59- Does the Quran permit child marriages

A Quranic analysis of all the innovations and lies against the Quran regarding child marriages.

60- Debunking more claims for the need for hadith

Further claims from the hadith advocates proposing that following the Quran alone is insufficient. These claims are analysed and debunked.

61- Traditional claims by the hadith followers, all debunked by the Holy Quran

Quranic replies to the traditional claims made by the hadith followers with which they justify following the hadith and sunna of the Prophet.

62- The punishment of theft in the Quran

A study of the punishment of theft in the Quran.

63- Is slavery permitted in the Quran?

A Quranic study of the issue of slavery and whether it is allowed or prohibited.

64- Predestination or Free Will?

A Quranic study of this much debated issue.


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