Before Calculation there must be Authorisation

The number of people who have been resorting to make-shift mathematical calculations, in an attempt to grant legality to various rituals that are not authorised in the Quran, has sadly been on the increase lately.
An example of such calculations has been analysed on the following page:
Does the code 19 authenticate the 24434 format or raka?

These manipulations do not seem to stop! They range from the simple to what seems impressively complex. The link above demonstrates which calculations can be called signs from God and why, and which are mere trial and error attempts that will always obtain many multiples of 19.

Just as the saying that one swallow does not make a summer, one or a handful of multiples of 19 do not make a sign from God.
Some in their euphoria of 19 induced intoxication have come up with calculations such as the following:
Sura 2 is the (1st) initialled Sura. This Sura has (286) verses. If we place these numbers side by side we get 1286
If we multiply 1286 by 19 we get 24434
Very impressive indeed if the reader is not aware of the real factors and heart of this issue. God willing, this will be presented in this article.
From this calculation, and a couple of other Quranic data, conveniently selected to give the number 1286, they declare that this is a sign from God that 24434 is the correct format for the number of rakas in each of their 5 Salat!
Never mind that the word 'raka', or the concept of 'raka' as a whole, does not exist anywhere in the Quran!
Never mind that Sura 2 or its 286 verses has no connection whatsoever to the alleged number of rakas! Why Sura 2? Is it because its figures will give us what we want?

They also state that there are 85 un-initialed suras in the Quran.
85 = 5 x 17
From that they conclude that there are 5 Salat with a total of 17 raka!

These outrageous simplistic calculations, which we must insist to be purely coincidental, does not, and cannot, be significant for the reasons outlined below.
These calculations may indeed seem impressive for the gullible reader, but their alleged significance can be exposed when such findings are analysed properly:
It can be easily shown that similar calculations can be derived from any data. It can then be claimed that they too are significant when in reality they are only coincidental.
The following is an in-depth analysis:

Not only is the calculation of 1286 x 19 = 24434 a clear flimsy manipulation of data, but it is also a clear violation of God’s law of our rituals.
God’s law for our Salat and other rituals is given in the scripture (for us in the Quran) through clear words which God calls 'clear-cut' verses (3:7).
If God truly prescribed for us a 24434 format for raka (this format is not found in the Quran nor is the concept of raka), God would have given us this information in clear un-ambiguous words in the Quran.
God does not give us His law through mathematical puzzles which can only be worked out 14 centuries after the revelation of the Quran!
What about those who lived in the last 14 centuries prior to the unveiling of the code 19, where would they have the confirmation of 24434 from? Certainly not from the Quran because it does not exist in the Book, so their only source would have been the hadith! How can that be right when we are commanded to follow the Quran alone?
Those who are employing the code 19 to justify non Quranic rituals are committing a grave sin for two reasons:

1- The code 19 is instated in the Quran to confirm that the Quran is the word of God. The code was never instated by God to confirm rituals or concepts which are not in the Quran!

2- Those who claim that such calculations are proof from God must be asked: How can it make sense to entertain the idea that God would provide us with proof for something He has never authorised in the first place?
Besides, is God lying to us by saying that all the details are in the Quran yet allowing some details to be left out and only worked out through mathematical calculations 14 centuries later?

The ones who insist on coming up with such manipulations are simply working out these calculations by a process of trial and error until they find one calculation that seems to justify the non Quranic rituals they are promoting!
To expose this method, it can be shown here that these kinds of manipulations can be worked out by anyone and can appear to prove whatever they wish to prove.
The following are examples that relate to the major practices of Islam. Yes they are very simplistic and naive, but it is just to show how the system of trial and error, in simplicity or complexity, will always give us results for whatever we wish to promote:

Suppose I wish to come up with the idea that the number of Salat per day is 9 and not 5, can I devise some calculations which employ Quranic data to arrive at this claim?
Let us see!
Let us start with Sura 1, Al-Fatiha, since it is the Sura which we read in the Salat:
Sura 1 has 7 verses and it is a prayer we utter to the One God.
Sura = 1
Verses = 7
God = 1
If we place these numbers side by side we get:
171 divided by 19 = 9
This proves that the number of Salat is 9 per day!
also 1 + 7 + 1 = 9
Wow, double confirmation! This must be a sign from God!
But lets get real here! Does this manipulation not make you feel outraged?
Hold on, there are more beauties to come!

Now I wish to claim that God has set a fixed rate for Zakat (which He did not) and that this rate is not the customary 2.5% but is in fact 6%.
Surely I cannot prove this from the Quran, or can I?
Since Sura 107 is called "Charity" or "Kindness" we base our calculation on this Sura.
Sura 107 has 7 verses,
107 + 7 = 114
114 divided by 19 = 6
also 1 + 4 + 1 = 6
Wow! Double confirmation again! God is surely kind to us to give us the proof here of the correct rate for Zakat!
So we conclude that there is a fixed rate of 6% for Zakat (never mind that this is not in the Quran for that is irrelevant for us in our present inspired mood!!).
Is your blood boiling yet? There is more to come!
Ok, now I am starting to feel important so I want to come up with a proof to guide all Muslims in the world about the true number of days we must fast during the year.
I have plucked any number out of the air and this will be 115. I realise that confirming 115 for fasting will not be easy! How can I prove this number? Not to worry, trial and error is a potent tool to prove anything we want! But will anyone believe me (I hope not!), well, maybe if I could come up with some dazzling calculations they might?
The month for fasting (Ramadan) is first mentioned in the Quran in Sura 2 verse 185
If we place these two numbers side by side we get 2185
2185 divided by 19 = 115
There we are, this means we have to fast 115 days and not only the 30 days of Ramadan.
Here I wish to follow the example of the person who gave Sura 2 the number 1 since it is the first initialled sura, and so for our calculation with verse 185, we also place this number (185) after the number 1 (first initialled Sura), and we get:
1 185 ….
Let us add these numbers, what do we get?
1 + 1 + 8 + 5 = 15
Now let us not forget that we fast in obedience to the One God. Number 1 is for the One God.
If we place the number we just arrived at (15) after the number 1 (One God) we get 115.
Double confirmation once again for the number of days for fasting!

What about Hajj! We cannot leave out Hajj from our inspired calculations!
We read in 2:197 that the Hajj can be observed in the "known months".
The question is how many months are designated for Hajj?
In 9:36 we are told that the "hurum" months are 4. So does this mean that we can observe Hajj anytime during these 4 months or only during some of the 4 months?
Well, when I woke up this morning I got a brilliant idea, I felt that I need to tell people that I have received enlightenment that the number of months to observe Hajj is only 3 of the 4 months (please don’t take me seriously!).
So can I conjure up a manipulated calculation to prove this amazing new enlightenment? Let us see!
The Quranic words which make Hajj a duty of every Muslim is given in the following words:
" ..... Ala al-nas hajj al-bayt man istataa alayhi sabila" 3:97
These words translate to:

" ......The people have an obligation to God to observe Hajj at the house, for those who find the means to get to it.

Surely these words have a mathematical confirmation for the allowed days for Hajj!
When we analyse these Arabic words we get the following data:
Sura = 3
Verse = 97
Number of words = 9
Number of letters = 35
Gematric Value = 1551
Total = 1695
As for the timing of the Hajj, this we find in the important 3 words in 2:197 which tell us that the Hajj is to be observed in the known months.
The 3 Arabic words are:
"Al-Hajj ashhur maaloomat"
"The Hajj is during the known months" 2:197.

The 3 Arabic words contain 15 letters.
If we add 15 to our all important figure above we get:
15 + 1695 = 1710
If we divide 1710 by 19 we get 90
Wow! This must be the all important confirmation and sign from God that the total number of months designed for Hajj are 3 (90 days).
But this calculation does not have a double confirmation like the other calculations!
Do not worry, this can be arranged by our wizard!
Since we are speaking about Hajj, we simply look at the Sura which is given the title Al-Hajj, this is sura 22.
Sura 22 has 78 verses. Side by side we get 2278
The word Hajj is made of 2 letters.
2278 + 2 = 2280
If we add the digits of 2280 we get:
2 + 2 + 8 + 0 = 12
By adding the digits once again we get:
1 + 2 = 3 (3 months confirmation)
In addition, if we divide 2280 by 19 we get = 120
Using the same method of adding digits gives us:
1 + 2 + 0 = 3 (3 months confirmation)

I can hear some sceptic saying:
"You are plucking any numbers from the air, while the numbers we use (e.g. 24434) are well established numbers which all Muslims follow!"
I quickly respond, "Established where? Is this number (24434) established in the Quran? Or, is it only established in hadith sources? What difference does it make if a ritual is observed by one person or by millions of people if it is not in the Quran?"
He says, "These rituals were established since the time of Abraham and came to us across the generations."
Where is your evidence that God gave Abraham 24434 raka?
A moment of silence falls on our previously enthusiastic preacher!
Wishing to fill the embarrassing gap, I add, "Very well, so did it come to each person, throughout all the previous generations, through his parents and teachers?"
He says, "Yes."
I reply, "And what exactly do you call the words of our parents and teachers? Do our parents/teachers speak hadith or are their words scripture? I am sure you will agree that the words of any humans is hadith. So Abraham or no Abraham, these rituals (which are not in the Quran) came to us through hadith, right?"
For an in depth analysis of the Quranic command to follow Abraham, please see the following page: Millat Ibrahim
He will also say, "Anyway, what you came up with is pure manipulation!"
I say, "I know! Indeed it is! But so is the 1286 divided by 19 = 24434!"
This is the whole point, all such calculations can be derived through trial and error manipulations but in reality they signify nothing!
Needless to say, if we believe any of the above calculations to be significant we will believe anything! We may as well go and follow the full hadith books and stop worrying about calculations, for the end destination is one and the same!
If we allow anyone to deceive us with such manipulated calculations in order to justify non Quranic rituals which they follow, then we surely deserve the misguidance that will come to us.
The examples above demonstrate that we can go on manipulating any data to obtain virtually any results we desire!
So what does all this prove? It proves 2 important issues:
It proves that any such calculations can be worked out by anyone through picking and choosing any Quranic data, then through a process of trial and error we could arrive at what confirms our claims!
It confirms a very important rule that we must always be aware of, the rule is:
Before Calculation there must be Authorisation
We cannot justify any ritual through calculations only when God did not authorise this ritual through clear words in the Quran. If we do, and employ the code 19 to justify rituals not found in the Quran, not only are we being hypocritical in claiming to believe that all the details are in the Quran, but we are also voluntarily allowing Satan to employ us to divert believers from God's law and lead them to practices not authorised in the Quran, yet thinking they are following the Quran!

In simple words, we cannot and we should not even attempt to calculate what God did not authorise in the first place! The concept itself is absurd, for it implies that God left out of the Quran some rituals, when He assured us that all the details of our religion are in the Quran, then allowed some clever people to come 14 centuries after the revelation of the Quran to work out various calculations to alert us that the Quran does not have all the details after all!
What these people are doing is nothing short of finding new ways to justify rituals which can only be found in non Quranic sources and are never authorised in the Quran! They are doing so through abusing the code of the Quran. They are employing the code to confirm what is not in the Quran!
Needless to say, the miraculous mathematical structure of the Quran is based on very intricate mathematical patterns that run in their thousands and not just one, two or even a dozen of fragmented manipulated calculations!
For detailed information about the awesome miracle of 19 in the Quran please go to: Miracle of the Quran

God’s law is spelt out in clear words in the Quran. It is not given through manipulated calculations which use non Quranic data (e.g. 24434) and which abuse the code of the Quran (19). The code 19 is instated in the Quran to confirm the Quran (3:81), it was never given by God to justify what is not in the Quran!
So remember the golden rule:
Before we attempt any calculations, in an attempt to justify any ritual or practice, such as:
- The 24434 format of raka (no concept of raka in the Quran).
- The 5 Salat (only 3 Salat are named and authorised in the Quran).
- The 2.5% Zakat rate (no fixed rate authorised by God in the Quran).
- The stoning during Hajj (no such ritual exists in the Quran), all acts of stoning in the Quran are done by disbelievers only.
- The Friday Sermon (not authorised in the Quran). The Salat is a direct contact between believer and his Maker, it is not a speech among humans.
Or many other non Quranic rituals; we must have clear authorisation from God in the Quran for this ritual or practice. Otherwise, we would be totally rejecting the glorious Quranic confirmation that all the details are in the Quran (6:114) and that nothing has been left out (6:38). Last but not least. we must always remember that God did not give us the code 19 for us to use it to prove what is not in the Quran! If we do that, we would be serving Satan's plan and not God's will.