Part Seven

Mecca or Petra?

Which source of evidence should we believe?

98- Trusting in God

Benefits reaped through trusting in God.

99- Intelligence and the acceptance of God

Are people with more intelligent brains granted an unfair advantage?

100- Justice and Personal Desire

Were the wives of prophet Muhammad treated unfairly in 33:51?

101- Is learning Arabic a must?

Does a person have to learn the Arabic language to be a Muslim and to understand the Quran?

102- The pairing of the Salat and the Zakat

Why are the Salat and the Zakat paired in numerous Quranic verses?

103- Was Moses the maternal uncle of Jesus?

Do the words in 19:28 imply that Moses was the maternal uncle of Jesus?

Reply to the claims put forth by a renown atheist during a debate centered about the question "Does God exist?"

An analysis of the loss of concentration during the Salat: What are the causes and what are the recommendations that may help prevent this from happening.


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