English Translation

of the Quran

The English translation available below is the translation of Dr. Rashad Khalifa. It is one of the most sincere English translations of the Quran. Unlike the majority of the other translations, Dr. Khalifa's translation does not interpret the Quran from a 'hadith and sunna' perspective and thus it presents the pure message of the Quran.

The reader is also advised that any translation of God's Book is a human effort.
It is not, and will never be a Scripture.
By virtue of 4:82, only God's revelations are free from error. The reader is thus warned against labelling any translation as being perfect or free of error. The moment he adopts such a conviction is the moment he falls into the trap idol worship. Consequently, the translation of Dr. Rashad Khalifa, like all other human efforts, is not free of error.

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