Have the disbelievers not seen that the heavens (space) and the earth
(matter) were a joined entity, then We ripped them apart?

The creation of the universe is a subject that has been given great attention in the Quran. The huge and varied amount of information contained in the Quran about almost every stage and aspect of the creation continues to astound scientists today because of its very accurate agreement with current scientific knowledge. How can a book written in the 7th century contain such a rich amount of scientific information that was to be discovered 13 centuries later? Neutral observers consider this to be valid evidence that such a book could not be the work of any human being. In the 7th century there was simply no human who possessed such knowledge.

All the evidence available today suggests an explosive origin to the universe that brought both space, matter and time into existence. This is what is referred to as the Big Bang. The theory of the Big Bang which has successfully taken over the place of the "Steady state" theory was worked out in the 1920's by two scientists quite independently of each other, the Russian meteorologist Alexksandr Friedmann and the Belgian mathematician Georges Lemaitre.

The Big Bang itself resulted from an extremely dense singularity. The creation of the universe is one of matter, space and time that are intimately linked together. Matter and space were joined as one and then were separated in the explosion. This is very accurately described in the Quran in the above verse.