He is the One who rendered the night a covering for you, and
sleep for rest, and He rendered the day a time for rising.

The human body is an exquisite machine of God's creation. A machine that surpasses any made by man himself. The tender tissues that make up the various organs in the human body are far more fragile than the steel and iron that is used to produce the heavy machinery that man produces. Yet, and if we take the average age of the human as being 60 to 80 years, the fragile human body outlasts all the other heavy duty man made machinery.

But even the marvellous human body is no more than a machine, and it too needs its rest. To supply us with our much needed rest God has set up the most tranquil and soothing conditions.

The beauty, calm, relaxing atmosphere of the night, all adorned with sparkling pearl-like stars that fill the night sky, plus the added beauty of a multi-phased moon, are indeed signs from our Creator for us to reflect on. The night is God's creation and it only shows God's love for us and how He constantly gives us blessings that sadly we often do take for granted.

In contrast, the day is constructed to give us optimum conditions for our daily work. With sunrise, a raging resurrection is above us and among us! But God has placed that enduring beacon at exactly the right distance from our Earth that by the time the fury of the sun's nuclear radiation reaches us, it is in the form of gentle and much needed light and warmth.