O people, you are the ones who are in dire need of God,
whereas God is the Rich
, the Praiseworthy.

Reported by CNN on 2nd June 1999
[At least nine people have been killed when an American Airline MD-80 jet slid off the runway at Little Rock National airport and burst into flames.
Latest reports have confirmed that nine of the 145 on board including the pilot had died, 54 were injured, 3 critically.
An airport spokesman said the plane had come to a stop near the Arkansas river, having hit an approach light system at the end of the runway. Flight 1420 from Dallas had been delayed for 2 hours and arrived just as a storm was hitting Little Rock with lightening, hail and strong winds. Passengers described a scene of terror, with the jet sliding off the runway, splitting up and bursting into flames.
"The plane was going so fast", Barrett Baber said. "We hit a huge pole, and it split the plane in half. A fire started at the front. People were screaming "God! please save us", he said.]

By our very intrinsic nature, we are all submitters to Almighty God. Every organ and every cell in our bodies performs its ordained functions in accordance with God's design and plan. Every breath we take, and every heart beat we feel is ordained according to a meticulous and deliberate system which is designed by God.
None of us can instruct their hearts to stop beating for one hour nor for one single minute. None of us is able to command our blood circulation to bypass our left arm or foot! None of us is able to command our hair or nails to stop growing for the rest of the week!
But that is not all, instinctively even our souls are submitters to our Almighty Creator.
The incident reported at the top of this page is only one of thousands and thousands of examples of a very common instinctive reaction that is inherent in the human being.
Without exception, all the religions practised in the world today have been corrupted so as to lead the human being into setting up idols besides God in whom they attribute powers for being their Saviours and Lords!
Nevertheless, at times of grave danger to one's life, people of different convictions, race and origin have always called on God alone to save them! At these moments all humans realise just how much they need God!
We do not have to be on board an airliner either to be in total need of God's mercy, we need God even when breathing; people have been known to die by simply choking on their saliva!
Instinct leads all humans to call on God alone when they are in near death situations. Instinct makes people realise during that split second moment that only God is able to save them.
Sadly, the moment God saves them, many of them revert back to their idols whom they called on besides God!

When they sail onboard a ship (encountering danger), they implore God devoting the religion purely
to Him . Yet when He delivers them safely to the shore, they revert to associating partners with Him. 29:65

During these split seconds of grave danger, the human being submits totally to God as being his only true Saviour! This total submission to God is the only faith that attains salvation in the hereafter.
The true believers know in their heart that they need God every second of their life, and that no one other than God has any power to harm or benefit them.