And if My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer the caller's
call if he calls on Me. Therefore, they
shall respond to Me and believe in
Me so that they may be rightly guided.


To implore and beseech God are indeed unquestionable expressions of worship. By imploring God we acknowledge our belief in Him and that He alone is able to answer our prayers. The definite link between imploring God and worshipping Him is made evident in the following verse:

Your Lord said, "Implore Me and I will respond to you. Surely those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter Hell humiliated. 40:60

The words "Implore Me" and "Worship Me" in this verse confirm that "Imploration" is indeed an essential expression of worship. God encourages the believers to implore Him (2:186) so that He may bestow on them His mercy.

When imploring God, the believers are advised to address Him either as God or by any of His beautiful names:

Say, "Call upon God, or call upon the Almighty. Whichever you call upon, to Him belong the Beautiful Names." 17:110

Since "Imploration" is an expression of Worship, and since we must worship God alone, it follows that we should implore God alone. The Quran is quick to ascertain this command:

So you shall call upon God, devoting the religion purely to Him, even if the disbelievers dislike it. 40:14

The masjids are for God, so do not call upon anyone else besides God. 72:18

Do not call upon other than God what does not benefit you or harm you. If you do, you will be among the transgressors. 10:106

The following verses specifically address those who implore and call on their dead idols (saints, messengers of God......etc.) for help:

Those whom you call upon besides God are servants just like you. So go ahead and call upon them, and let them respond to you if you are truthful. 7:194

Those whom you call upon besides Him do not possess as much as a seed's shell. If you call upon them they cannot hear your calls, and even if they were to hear, they would not respond to you, and on the Day of Resurrection, they will disown your shirk. 35:13-14

To conclude, believers are encouraged to implore God often and to implore Him alone, for the act of "Imploration" is indeed a true expression of worshipping God.