Which Quranic words to utter in Salat


When observing the Prayer (Salat), is it acceptable to read anything from the Quran, or should we stick to certain verses that do not refer to prophets, messengers etc? Would it be acceptable to read only the verses that glorify God, like the prayer of Ibrahim and the Key (Fatihah) and Sura Al-Ikhlaas?


God promises us that the Quran gives us explanations to everything we need to practise our religion:

We brought the Book down to you providing explanations for all things, plus guidance and mercy and good news for the submitters. 16:89

The reply to your question can be found in the following Quranic verse:

I am God, there is no other god except Me. Therefore, you shall worship Me and observe the Salat to commemorate Me. 20:14

Since the prayer is for commemorating and glorifying God alone, then it makes good sense that we use Quranic words that satisfies this purpose, rather than reading other Quranic words that speak about other topics.

It is important to know that God did not give us a precise text to utter during Salat, God only expects us to observe the Salat to commemorate Him alone and that we utter Quranic words during the Salat.

So as long as we fulfil these two requirements, and in theory, we are free to use any Quranic words. However, God tells us that there are some words that we should include in our Salat, so we are well advised to utter those words, plus any other words we may like to add.

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