Revelation of the Salat details


How did prophet Muhammad understand and observe the Salat early on in the revelation? The Quran was revealed to him in stages, we also know that the command to observe the Salat (in 73:20) was one of the early revelations that came to him (sura 73 was the 3rd sura to be revealed), then how could he have obeyed the commandment without having the whole Quranic details of Salat available to him?


This issue has been raised by many who claim that the Salat, which was first given to Abraham, was passed down across the generations in its preserved form until it reached Muhammad. They add that when God commanded Muhammad to follow ‘milat Ibrahim’ that he would have had full knowledge of the preserved Salat details! They are fond of saying: God would not ask Muhammad to observe something that was not known to him!
But we also know that this claim is a result of their total misunderstanding of the command to follow ‘milat Ibrahim’. Contrary to what they claim, the word ‘milat’ means creed and not religion, so the command to follow ‘milat Ibrahim’ simply means to follow the creed of Abraham which is defined in all the verses which contain this command as being monotheism and to refrain from idol worship.
God never commanded Muhammad nor any of us to follow inherited rituals. We are commanded to follow the Quran and nothing else.
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So now we come to the following question:
Since the command to observe the Salat was given in the early revelations of the Quran, how could Muhammad observe the full Salat without having all the Salat details and which were revealed in later Suras?
The answer is always given in the Quran:
The Quran tells us that God commanded Muhammad not to be impatient with the revelation but to wait until it is all revealed to him.

Exalted is God, the King, the Truth. Do not rush the Quran before its revelation to you is concluded, and say, "My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

The question here is: what was Muhammad to wait for, and what exactly was he impatient about?
Obviously Muhammad was not impatient to know the details of how the universe was created, nor impatient to know the full life stories of all the previous messengers!
Muhammad would have been impatient to know the correct way to conduct the religious practices and follow the law of God when he was not yet given all the details.
But God told him not to be impatient, which means that God would not hold Muhammad or the believers accountable for following any specific practices until all the details of that practice had been revealed.
The words above to Muhammad are very clear. Muhammad should just ask God to increase his knowledge and not rush the revelation of the Quran. Once again, confirming that God would not hold Muhammad or the believers with him accountable to any Quranic practice until all its details have been revealed.
We also read:

Do not move your tongue with it to hasten it (Quran).
[75:17] Indeed, upon Us is its collection and its recitation.
[75:18] Once We recite it, you shall follow such a recitation.

Once again, the command not to "hasten it",
and also "once We recite it, you shall follow such a recitation" indicate that Muhammad is not expected to follow anything until it is revealed to him. This would naturally apply to Salat or any other Quranic command.