Negligible amounts of alcohol in foods


Recently I saw a wine marketed as halal, because it had an alcoholic content so low that no matter how much you drank you would not become intoxicated
The Quran mentions intoxicants, but with such low alcohol content it could not even be considered an intoxicant
I assume the same can be said if there is a tiny negligible trace of alcohol in some foods? The minute amount of alcohol in some cakes for example means that no matter how much cakes we eat, we will not become intoxicated.
My question thus is: Is it to drink or eat such foods?


First, let us say that if we follow this line of "too little is harmless" we could very easily find ourselves allowing ourselves to indulging in "too little" of everything prohibited by God and convincing ourselves that it is harmless and thus not haram!
The reasoning behind the prohibitions set by God is not only whether the amount is harmful or not, but there is another major reason.
To explain, let us go back to the incident of Adam and the forbidden tree.
As we know, God commanded Adam not to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, but Adam was tricked by the devil and he disobeyed God's command.
So what did happen after Adam's disobedience?
Did Adam die because he ate from the tree? The answer is no.
Did Adam fall sick after he ate from the tree? Not as far as we are told.
In fact, no physical harm came to Adam through eating the fruit of that tree.
The argument of ‘little alcohol content can never cause any intoxication’ can be compared to the incident of Adam where eating from the forbidden tree did not cause any physical harm.
However, due to this single slip by Adam and Eve they were deprived of Paradise and descended to earth.
The reason had nothing to do with the physical content or physical harm of the forbidden tree, but it was because Adam failed a simple test of obedience.

To say we worship God is not just to say that He is our God! But the Quran tells us that an important requirement of the act of worship is to obey God.
To obey God is to demonstrate, in action and not just words, that God alone is our god and that we uphold His absolute authority over us.
More details are found at this page: Worshipping God

God sets various tests for us to determine whether we obey him unconditionally, or will allow the devil to trick us like he tricked Adam. This, the devil does by selling us a half-baked argument which leads us to think that disobeying God, under certain conditions, is not unrighteous!
When God commanded us to stay away from intoxicants God did not give any amounts, small or large. This means that consuming any amount of intoxicants is prohibited by God.
Finally, the Quran also tells us in 2:219 that there are some benefits in intoxicants for mankind. Indeed, intoxicants are used in many ways which provide benefits to mankind besides the prohibited personal use for intoxication.
Examples for the use of intoxicants for the benefit of mankind is in the fields of medicine and surgery.

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