Wearing jewellery and coulourful clothes

I like to wear jewellery and colourful clothes at certain occasions, but I was told that this is prohibited and sinful because it draws attention to me. Can you please let me know the Quranic truth about this matter?


hoever issues these fatwa like claims is indeed someone who has poor understanding of the Quran.
There is nothing wrong in wearing nice adornments, which indeed would draw the visual attention of others to us as long as it is not done in a sexual or immoral way. Therefore, all nice adornments, like jewellery, make-up that is not vulgar, colourful clothes (which is within the dress guidelines of the Quran) and all other adornments are perfectly alright and lawful in the sight of God.

In fact, we are told that God created all these beautiful adornments so that we can use them to make ourselves look beautiful. The word used in the Quran for all adornments like jewellery and nice clothes is ‘zinah’.

Say, "Who prohibited the ‘zinah’ of God which He has produced for His servants and the good provisions?" Say, "
They are, during the worldly life, for those who believe, and are exclusively theirs on the Day of Resurrection." We thus detail the revelations for people who know. 7:32

If wearing these beautiful adornments was such a sinful act, would God command us to take our "zinah" to the masjid?

O children of Adam,
take along your ‘zinah’ to every masjid, and eat and drink, but do not be excessive; He does not like the excessive ones. 7:31

So as long as what you are wearing does not give a sexual or indecent impression, then all things of beauty are God given and God wants us to wear them and enjoy them.