Calling on others besides God


Is calling upon the prophet, or members of his family, or the previous righteous imams (awliya) and seeking help from them is permitted?


Those who call upon, or seek help from the prophet, or from any dead person are committing a great sin of shirk. The following are the reasons accompanied by the Quranic evidence:

Those who died cannot support us:
And those whom you call upon besides Him are unable to support you, nor can they support themselves. 7:197

Those who died cannot hear us, and even if they heard us, they will not respond to us:
Those whom you call upon besides Him do not possess as much as a seed's shell. If you call upon them, they cannot hear your calls. But even if they were to hear, they would not respond to you. 35:13-14

Those who call on others (besides God), those whom they called upon will disown their shirk on the Day of Resurrection:
and on the Day of Resurrection, they will disown your shirk. None can inform you like One who is All-Aware. 35:14

The genuine believers seek help from God alone:
You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. 1:5