Has God created humans as enemies of one another?


We read in 2:36:

But the devil made them slip away from it and caused their eviction from where they had been. We said, "Go down as enemies of one another, and in the earth you shall have a place of settlement and enjoyment until a certain time." 2:36

In this ayat Allah says go down as enemies. Why did Allah create humans as enemies of one another, pls explain.


When Adam and Eve lived in heaven, and before they disobeyed God, there was no meaning for sin. Sin is a result of acting upon the whispers of Satan. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God they committed the first sin. This led to God removing any immunity they may have had, and from that day they were subject to being constantly influenced by Satan and thus subject to commit more sin.
Being removed from heaven and placed on earth, and without immunity from Satan, the human being is subject to be tricked by Satan to commit all kinds of sin, unless the human being abides by God's law. These include wars, acts of violence, aggression, invasion of other countries, murder, rape, racism, greed, envy, vengeance and all kinds of animosity against other humans. That is what God is speaking about when God said that on earth humans will be enemies of one another.

The important issue here is that these atrocities and acts of violence between humans are not the work of God, they are the work of Satan and the result of people following Satan and disregarding the law of God. As a result, to interpret 2:36 so as to mean it is God's will and God's design that humans will be enemies of one another is an incorrect interpretation. In 2:36 God is merely stating a fact that will happen since God knows the future.

This is not any different from God saying in 7:179 that multitudes of jinn and humans will end up in hell. Once again this is not the desire or will of God. God wants us all to submit to Him and end up in heaven, but the majority will end up in hell with their own hands due to deserting God's commandments and due to the human's love of idol worship.

After the end of the world, and when the human being is tested no more, Satan will have no further influence nor say. That is when God will remove all animosity and hostility from the hearts of people which they had against one another during their life on earth:

The reverent will be in Gardens and springs.
"Enter it peacefully and securely."
(On that day) We stripped away what animosity there was from their chests. 15:45-47