Chronological order of the prophets
mentioned in the Quran

1- The list above contains the chronological order of the twenty men who were given the title "prophet" (nabi), or who were granted "prophethood" (nubuwwah), in the Quran.
2- Contrary to some claims, Adam (2:31) was neither called a prophet nor a messenger (rasool) in the Quran.
2- Other names, such as Saleh (7:73), Hud (7:65) and Shu'aib (7:85) were called messengers (rasool) in the Quran but were not called prophets.
3- Other men, such as Luqman (31:12), Zal-Kifl (38:48), were neither called prophets nor messengers in the Quran.
4- The Sura and verse numbers above are the verses in which either of the terms "prophet" or "prophethood" were assigned.