Another high ranked Imam exposes his ignorance with the Quranic message!

The whole world was stunned to hear a notable Salafi figure in Egypt declare that the English language must not be taught in Egyptian schools any more as it is the language of the Kafir (Kuffar)!
Not only does the propagator of this fatwa break all rules of common sense, but he also demonstrates his total ignorance with God’s Book (Quran).

: Common Sense

Any language in the world is merely a tool and a means of communication. All what any language does is express a message or a meaning, then it is the message which earns validity or invalidity and not the language.
As a result, a statement of disbelief (Kofr) can be spoken in any language, including the Arabic language.
Is this Salafi saying that all Arabic speaking people in the world are believers? Are there no Arabic speaking disbelievers in the world? Similarly, are there no English speaking genuine believers in the world?
Evidence says that the disbelievers speak all languages including the Arabic language.
If we start from the beginning of Islamic history we read in the Quran about the idol worshippers (who spoke Arabic not English) and who worshipped the stone idols of Al-Llat and Uzzah (Quran 53:19).

: The Quranic verdict

Here we have two pieces of information which totally exposes the Salafi claim, and demonstrates their ignorance with God’s Book:

1- The following Quranic words are very significant to our subject:

And from among ayat Allah (signs of God) is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your languages and your colours. In that there are signs for the knowledgeable.” 30:22

These Quranic words confirm that it was God who created all the languages, they were created for our use. This truth is very clear since God describes the different languages as among
“ayat Allah”.
It follows that those who attempt to discredit any language are in actual fact claiming that some of what God has created (ayat Allah) is contemptible!

2- When we look at the Arabic language in itself, which is naturally the language of the Arabs, we read very interesting Quranic words which describe the Arabs:

“The Arabs are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely not to know the limits of what God has brought down upon His messenger. God is Knowledgeable, Most Wise.” 9:97

The Arabs spoken of by God in 9:97 did not speak English, did they? They spoke Arabic and they are described as the
“worst in disbelief and hypocrisy”. Their disbelief (Kofr) and their hypocrisy (Nifaq) are uttered in Arabic and no other language!
Whether the words in 9:97 speak only of the Arabs at the time of the revelation, or whether this applies at all times is one for debate, but in either case, the timing issue is not significant to our enquiry. What is significant is that no one issued a fatwa at that time of the prophet to abolish the Arabic language with the excuse that it was the language used by the Kafirs.