We are absolutely free to believe or disbelieve in God. It is God's will that we will (
18:29, 25:57, 73:19, 74:37, 76:29, 78:39, 80:12).
After committing our original sin, God gave us a chance to denounce our crime and accept His absolute authority 33:72. However, we decided that we wanted to see a demonstration of Satan's claim to be a god besides God.
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Many people protest the fact that God has created them, to put them through this gruesome test. Obviously, such people are not aware that [1] they have committed a horrendous crime and [2] that they were given a chance to denounce their crime and redeem themselves, but they arrogantly chose to endure
the test.

We have offered the Trust to the heavens, the earth and the mountains, but they refused to carry it and were afraid of it while the human being accepted it; he was transgressing, ignorant. 33:72

We learn from 57:22 that our lives, along with everything else around us, are pre-recorded in a Record with God:

No disaster falls in the land, or to yourselves, that is not already in a Record, well before We make it happen. This is easy for God. 57:22

God fully knows what kind of decision each of us is destined to make. God already knows who will deserve Heaven and who are destined to Hell. Even before we were born into this world, God knew which souls are good and which souls are evil. As far as God's Omniscience is concerned, we can imagine a stamp on everyone's forehead that says "Heaven" or "Hell." Yet, as far as we are concerned, we are totally free to side with God's absolute authority, or Satan's polytheistic views. Predestination, therefore, is a fact as far as God is concerned, but not as far as we are concerned.
It is we who make the decisions that will eventually lead us to either Heaven or Hell, but God, who knows the past present and future, knows our choices, thus it is easy for God to prerecord our destiny.
Based on His knowledge, God assigns our souls to the circumstances that we deserve. God makes sure that the guidance gets to those who deserve to be guided. When God said to the angels, "I know what you do not know" (2:30), this meant that some of us deserved a chance to redeem ourselves. One example of God's guidance for those who deserve guidance is found in the following words:

We granted Abraham his guidance before that and We were aware of him.

In other words, God knew that Abraham was a good soul who deserved to be guided, and God granted him his guidance and understanding.