Was Muhammad the last Messenger?

Muhammad was not the father of any of your men, but he was a Messenger

of God and the seal of the Prophets. God is Knowledgeable of all things.


This glorious verse, which speaks about Prophet Muhammad, tells us that he was a Messenger of God and the Final Prophet.

The Quran provides a clear difference between Prophets, and Messengers who are not Prophets. Please see: Prophet and Messenger.

The meaning of this verse was sadly misunderstood by many scholars so as to call Muhammad the last Messenger and last Prophet. It is clear that in this verse, Muhammad is called 'a Messenger' and not the 'last Messenger'. Nowhere in the Quran is Muhammad called the 'last Messenger'. Nevertheless, the traditional scholars insist on calling Muhammad the 'last Messenger'. Perhaps the main reason for this corruption is due to the scholars' ignorance of the fact that God makes a clear distinction in the Quran between the terms 'Messenger' and 'Prophet'.

We learn from the Quran that every Prophet is also a Messenger, but not every Messenger is a Prophet, please see: Prophet/Messenger
Only Prophets are sent with a Scripture to deliver. Thus, Moses (Torah), Jesus (Injeel), David (Psalms) and Muhammad (Quran) were among God's Prophets because they delivered Scriptures. However, there are many Messengers sent by God who are assigned various tasks to accomplish without delivering a new Scripture. As a result, the number of Messengers far exceeds the number of Prophets. Hence, it is not necessary for God to list in the Quran the names of all the Messengers:

There have been Messengers about whom We have narrated to you, and Messengers We have not narrated to you. 4:164

We read in the Quran that God sends a Messenger to every nation and since nations will exist until the end of the world, future Messengers will be sent by God to mankind:

For every nation is a Messenger. 10:47

These words are then followed by:

They say, "When will this promise come true, if you are truthful?" 10:48

Say, "I possess no power to bring upon myself any harm or benefit; it is only what God wills." For every nation there is a specified term. Once their time comes, they cannot move it backwards by one hour, nor bring it forward. 10:49

Verse 48 confirms that the subject of future Messengers does not speak of Muhammad since he was challenged with the words: "when will this promise come to pass?"

Verse 49 confirms that Muhammad is commanded to reply that he does not have the answer, and that it is a matter left to God's will.

As a result, in accordance with 33:40, Muhammad was not the last Messenger. He was the last Prophet, which means that there will be no Scripture sent by God after the Quran.