(The Contact Prayer)


What is the definition of Al-Salat (Contact Prayer) in the Quran? How should we observe our prayers and is the Salat practiced today by millions of Muslims in agreement with what the Quran dictates?

In accordance to 6:114 we must accept the Quran as the only source of law:

"Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He has brought down to you this book fully detailed?" 6:114

God asserts that the Quran is fully detailed and contains everything for our salvation:

"We did not leave anything out of the book" 6:38

"We have brought the book down to you to provide explanations for all things" 16:89

"......He has brought down to you this book fully detailed" 6:114

In spite of these clear Quranic words, it is sad that most Muslims still claim that the Quran does not include everything and that the Quran alone is insufficient. They are arrogantly arguing against God just as God describes them in the verse:

"We have cited in this Quran every example for the people, yet the human being is most argumentative." 18:54

They will say that the Quran speaks of the headlines only and that the details are to be found only in the hadith!

Note the words "all things" in 16:89 means all matters, big and small alike. The words "fully detailed" in 6:114 simply means that the Quran contains all the details. It is necessary here to explain exactly what is meant by saying that the Quran contains all the details. The followers of hadith claim that the hadith contains many details that are not to be found in the Quran. This is quite true, however the absence of these details from the Quran is not because the Quran is not fully detailed, but because these details were never decreed by God. The Quran contains all the details that are sanctioned by God and for which we will be held accountable to. The followers of hadith have a wide collection of books which they highly cherish and which contain all sorts of ridiculous details to say the least. The following verse includes a mockery and a warning against such acts of idolatry:

"Or do you have some book in which you are studying? Do you have in it whatever you choose?" 68:37-38

Consequently, and in accordance with 6:114 and other similar verses, all guidance will be derived from the Quran and nothing else.

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1- Importance of Salat

Out of the five pillars of Islam we find that the word Salat is the most frequently mentioned of the five. The word Salat is mentioned a total of 67 times in the Quran.

2- Pre-Requisites of Salat

These include the basic intention, facing the Sacred Masjid and performing ablution.

3- Salat Positions

The Quran speaks of three positions to be performed during Salat, these are standing, bowing and prostrating.

4- Salat Words

The Salat is to be observed by uttering specific Quranic words.

5- Number of Daily Salat

How many daily Salat are decreed by God in the Quran?

6- How many 'raka'?

How many daily Salat are decreed by God in the Quran?

7- The Friday Prayer

All the Quranic details of the Friday Prayer

8- Salat Related Topics

This section addresses numerous Salat related topics that are subject to old and new disputes.

9- Salat in simple diagrams

Salat made easy and and at a glance with simple explanatory diagrams.