Replies to the claims of contradictions in the Quran

By : A. Muhammad

This section is devoted to exposing the false claims of contradiction in the Quran, as has been circulated on various anti-Quranic sites. It can be shown throughout the research that the bulk of the accusations are a product of either poor understanding of the Quranic words and verses, or on the reliance on very inaccurate translations of the Quran.

It is important to stress that this research is not a defence of the personal interpretations of any Muslim scholar, such as Ibn Kathir, Ibn Abbas or Al-Suyuti, nor is it in defence of the behaviour of certain Muslims, their traditions or their cultures. None of these fields, which are filled with error, represent Islam or the Quranic message. This research is only in defence of the Quran, for only the Quran, being the true word of God, is free of error.

Another matter that needs clarification is concerned with the issue of abrogation in the Quran. Although this issue was originally invented by corrupt Muslim scholars, it is apparent that their fabrication has now back fired on them. The lie of 'Quranic Abrogation' is the prime tool used by non Muslims in their attack on the Quran.

Genuine believers in the Quran reject the concept of 'Quranic Abrogation'; they know the Quran to be perfect and free from contradictions.

Due to the lengthy content of this subject, the research is divided into four parts.