"We inspired Moses: "Lead My servants out, and strike for them a dry road

across the sea. You shall not fear that you may get caught, nor shall you worry."


These glorious words speak of one of the greatest miracles that was given to Moses and his people during their flight from Pharaoh and his tyranny.

We may wonder what was the feeling of those who saw the sea split in halfs and a dry route intsantly set out for them to escape from Pharaoh? One would think that any one of them would never ever have any shadow of doubt for the rest of their lives in God and His prophet, yet amazingly, those who witnessed this profound miracle and numerous other miracles given to Moses are the very same ones who went on to commit the vilest acts of idolatry and worship a golden calf! Such is mankind! No wonder God describes the human being in 33:72 as "transgressing, ignorant".