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Alsalem alaykum.

I have been a submitter now for one year, ALHAMDU LILAHI RABI AL ALAMEEN for the gift of guidance he gave me. I was a follower of the sunni faith. I was searching on the Internet to buy Abdul-Baset recitation of the Quran when I stumbled on to by God's leave.

I perform 5 daily prayers, I read your article about the 3 Salat which I found to be interesting. I agree with you on the 3 names of Salat mentioned in the Quran, and for me to go and change how I am praying right now would be silly until I have understood these verses without any outside influence. The two things that puzzle me though are:

1) All these new sites on the Internet talking about following the Quran alone and therefore changing the way we perform Salat which is O.K. Now to me these people were all followers of Sunni or Shia or Muhammedans etc. If it were not for God sending us his Messenger of the Covenant to lead us from darkness to the right path we would have all gone astray. Now here is the verse that sticks in my head."Ironically,they broke up into sects only after the knowledge had come to them.."42:14

Are we doing the same thing as what the Sunni's and Shia are doing now that the messenger is not with us any more?

2) My second point, we were in darkness for 1400 years until GOD's guidance came to us.

My question is since God went through the trouble to send us a messenger AFTER this long, wouldn't God have corrected to us the contact prayer through the Messenger of the Covenant if we were performing it wrong (5 instead of 3), because he pointed out to us other things that were wrong in performing our Salat, such as not mentioning any names in our prayer beside God, tone of voice, ablution, etc. Also during the prophet Muhammad's time one of the first verses revealed talked about performing Salat, without going into details on how to perform it, why? Is it because God forgot? or is it because the people were already performing Salat which they inherited from Abraham.

Why don't we all be brothers and sisters and sit down together and discuss these issues and with God's help will come up with the right answer to all our questions.After all we all are after the same thing (I hope) which is returning to God's Kingdom.

Please do not get me wrong. I am a submitter looking for the truth and searching for more details before committing my self to this change after the major change we all went through.

I hope you would be able to get back with me Inshallah.

Alsalamu alaykum



First, I would like to advise you that it is not the correct approach to start your questions with "if" and "but"! You will not arrive at the correct verdict if you do so. What I am referring to here are your questions like:

"If God wanted to correct our rituals would not God do so and so ..."


"If the messenger was to take us from the darkness to the light ... etc "

Lots of 'ifs' will not lead you to the truth. The only way to arrive at the truth is to literally follow the Quran alone with no ifs and buts.

The message of the messenger is the Quran. Rashad wrote quite extensively about that when he wrote about Muhammad and the Sunnis. He told the Sunni's that they should only follow the message of Muhammad (Quran) and not the personal words of Muhammad. Why should this rule be different for Rashad? Why should people follow the personal interpretations of Rashad? Note that any words or teachings from any human being (messenger or not) that are not specifically authorised in the Quran are by definition regarded as hadith and are un-righteous (42:21). Is there one rule for Muhammad and another for Rashad?

Yes, as you say, people will always split into sects, so let us be aware of why do they split into sects? The answer to this question is given to us in the Quran, they do so because each group will be happy in upholding other sources besides the Quran (30:32). The pure ones, who are not a sect, are the ones who follow the Quran and nothing else. Quran alone means QURAN ALONE. it does not mean Quran plus Bukhari nor does it mean Quran plus appendix!

God gave Rashad a message of 'Quran Alone' and Rashad delivered it to many of us and indeed we were guided to the light.

However, Rashad is not immune from error, he is a human like all others.

Please be reminded by the following clear cut facts:


If Rashad (or any human being, messenger or not) advocates anything that is not authorised in the Quran then that messenger is at fault, and his interpretation must be discarded, there is no ifs and buts about this matter.

This truth was made clear in the words of the messenger himself when he wrote:

"The Quran proclaims that the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed (6:19, 38, 114, 115; 50:45), and that religious regulations not specifically instituted in the Quran constitute a religion other than Islam" appendix 18


Anyone who follows rules or practises authorised by their idols when they are not authorised clearly by God in the Quran, then they immediately become idol worshippers:

"Or do they have partners (with God) who legislate for them religious laws which were not authorized by God? If it were not for a preordained decree, they would have been judged immediately. Indeed the transgressors shall have a painful punishment." 42:21


It is God's system to test the believers all the time to know who are the genuine ones and who are the hypocrites (29:2-3). No one is relieved of this test, not even the prophets of God. It is God's intention without any doubt to test the followers of Rashad as He tests all other believers.

God sends His messenger with a clear message: Follow the Quran alone and do not follow anything else no matter how right it seems. Note Rashad's own words when he wrote:

<<<<The moment they seek guidance from ANYTHING besides the Quran, no matter how "right" it seems, they fall into Satan's trap.>>>> appendix 19

This can also be heard in his own words in the "Great Debate" interview (available on youtube).

However, some of his interpretations do not have Quranic authorisation (e.g. the 5 Salat, the 24434 format, the 2.5% Zakat, the stoning during Hajj ... etc). What will the genuine believer do? It is obvious that the genuine believers will use 42:21 as a guide and reject what has no Quranic authorisation, while as those who have made Rashad their idol will follow every word uttered by him, regardless of Quranic authorisation. As a result, and by doing so, the Quran automatically becomes not sufficient for them! Without the appendix of Rashad they believe they cannot follow true Islam!

It follows that their Islam has two sources, the Quran plus the appendix of Rashad!

This is God's test which they have failed!

Yes, God sends His messengers with guidance, but God also sends His messengers as potential figures of idolisation by the hypocrites who cannot curb their natural tendency for idol worship.

It is in accordance to God's will that Rashad would make few errors of authorising non-Quranic rules. At the time I am sure Rashad thought he was doing the correct thing according to his own understanding, he did not do these errors in order to deliberately misguide any one. This is God's will and God's test for all the followers of Rashad.


You asked: Would God not correct our Salat through the Messenger of the Covenant?

The straight answer is that God did correct our Salat and all rituals through the Messenger. The messenger commanded us to follow the Quran, all the Quran and nothing but the Quran. The Messenger also reminded us that we should not follow the personal words of the Messenger but only his message. If we put these two facts together it becomes clear that all those who believe that the Quran is all we need will follow everything given by the messenger as long as it is authorised in the Quran. They will also reject any personal interpretations or saying of the messenger if they are not authorised in the Quran. The matter is very simple. With this correct understanding, the Messenger did give us the recipe which would correct all our rituals, whether we follow this recipe (Quran alone) sincerely or not is our own choice.


Others have also asked "would God send His messenger to confuse us" (this is one of the favourite questions by the those who have made Rashad's appendix a second source beside the Quran), and the reply to this question is a very clear NO.

Rashad has not confused any person who is content with the Quran alone. Rashad has only confused those who are intent on making an idol out of him! Rashad proclaimed that the message is "Quran alone" and not the personal interpretations of the messenger (Rashad included). Rashad also stressed to the followers of the hadith and sunna (of Muhammad) that Muhammad is not infallible and has made mistakes, so why should anyone regard Rashad, or any other mortal, as infallible?

In one of the recorded interviews of Rashad he said:

"If I tell you to do anything that is not in the Quran do not do it"

This can be heard in the "Great Debate" interview which is available on youtube.

I cannot understand how after this very clear command that some still ask "Did God send a messenger to confuse us"!

It is very clear that there is no confusion whatsoever to any genuine believer, follow the Quran alone with no ifs or buts.

I speak for myself here and I am sure for many others when I say that I have never been confused by Rashad, in fact I accepted the message of truth through him with God's will, and now I follow the Quran alone, no confusion whatsoever.

Do not let Satan dupe you like he is doing to many others!

Follow the Quran alone for your salvation. Obey the message of the messenger (Quran alone) and not the person of Rashad with his personal interpretations.

Rashad wrote:

Quran: All You Need For Salvation.

I would like you to think of the following 2 scenarios:

1- What will you say to God on Judgement Day, when God asks you: Why did you follow practises not authorised in the Quran? Will you say: Because Rashad told me so? God may then ask you: Did you not read 42:21? What will you say? Will you say: Yes I read it but I put Rashad above the Quran?

2- On the other hand if you follow the Quran alone, and let us suppose (theoretically) that God will ask you: Why did you not follow every word uttered by the messenger? You would say: Because some of his words did not have Quranic authorisation, and you commanded us God not to follow anything which is not authorised in the Quran nor to uphold any source of law besides the Quran (6:114, 42:21 and 45:6).

What do you think your judgment will be?

For the Quranic details of the number of daily Salat, please go to: Number of daily Salat


The claim that we are entitled to follow rituals not authorised in the Quran because they were given to Abraham is a claim that violates a number of Quranic commands, not the least the statement from God that all the details of our religion (Abraham or no Abraham) are given in the Quran (6:114) and that nothing has been left out of the book (6:38). Those who claim that some rituals are left out because they were given to Abraham are calling God a liar. For more information about this subject please check the following page: Milat Ibrahim