Part Three

33- The Burka; is it Islamic or Cultural

An investigating article that presents the Quranic truth about the wearing of the Burka and how it is not authorised by God.

34- The concept of "Jihad"

A Quranic presentation of the correct definition of the concept of Jihad.

35 When does the "Night" begin?

A much disputed concept, and its implication to the question of when does fthe daily fasting end?

36- Why was the prophet Muhammad praying three times a day?

Available evidence from the 'hadith' books confirm that the prophet Muhammad was praying three times a day.

37- Why does God allow hardship and adversity on the believers?

If God is the Most Merciful why does He allow believers to suffer through hardship and adversity?

38- Why does God use allegories in the Quran?

We note that the Quran uses numerous allegories, what is the purpose of such allegories and what do they add to the general message of the book?

39- Man made Prohibitions

Medieval Imams and their man made prohibitions are giving Islam a wrong image.

40- Who are "Ebad Allah Al-Muklaseen" 38:83?

The phrase "Ebad Allah Al-Mukhlaseen" is used in a number of Quranic verses. What does it mean?

41- How did God favour the Children of Israel over all mankind?

We read in the Quran that God favoured the Children of Israel over all mankind, what is the real meaning of this favour?

42- Jesus or the Church?

What does the Bible say about the real Jesus?

43- Prohibition of the pig in the Bible

The Biblical prohibition of pig and how most Christians are unaware of this prohibition.

44- 'Millat Ibrahim' (The creed of Abraham)

What does the Quranic command to follow 'millat Ibrahim' really mean, and how its misinterpretation opened a new door to follow many practises not authorised in the Quran.

45- Does the Bible command women to cover their hair?

The Biblical verses which shed light on this issue.

Polygamy in Islam, a Quranic perspective

What does the Quran say about multiple wives?

47- Abusing God's law in connection with the writing of a will

Another case of how the puppet Sharia courts are trashing God's law in the Quran.

48- The amazing fatwa's of some so called Imams!

Do these people really understand the message of the Quran!

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