Part One

1- A Dozen Reasons

Overwhelming Quranic and historic evidence to confirm that God has decreed the Quran to be the only source of religious law for all Muslims.

2- How to become a Muslim (Submitter)

This page outlines what God requires from any person who wishes to convert to Islam. This page also makes a distinction between God's requirements and what is no more than unnecessary human innovation.

3- Islamic Names

Should new converts to Islam change their names and adopt 'Islamic names'? This Article analyses this issue and resolves the question as to whether there is such a thing as an 'Islamic name'.

4- Beyond Probability

A truly awesome discovery by Abdullah Arik regarding the miraculous structure of the first 4 words of the Quran, plus a comprehensive demonstartion of what makes the Quranic miracle a total defiance of the laws of probabilities.

5- Should we say 'Allah' or 'God'?

This article sheds light on whether Muslims should always use the word "Allah" when they refer to God, or is the word 'God' equally correct.

6- Difference between 'Prophet' and 'Messenger'

The Quran indicates an important difference in the role and definition of prophets and messengers. This article presents the Quranic definition of both titles.

7- The History of hadith - Part 1

This research presents vital information that every Muslim should know. The research presents the historical account of the documentation of hadith; when it was written and why it was written after being originally prohibited by the prophet.

8- The History of hadith - Part 2

History of hadith - Continued

9- Dress Code for Women in the Quran

An investigating article that presents the Quranic code for women's dress and the necessity to distinguish between God's Law and man-made tradition.

10- The Quran 19th and final scripture

Evidence from within the Quran that proclaims the Quran to be the 19th and final scripture sent to mankind.

11- The Purpose of Wudu (Ablution)

This article researches the purpose of ablution and whether it is merely performed for physical cleanliness, or does it have a different purpose? The article also examines the Quranic concept of 'Taharah' (purity) and what it really means.

12- Chinese Whispers

This article demonstrates the effect of consecutive verbal transfers of the same piece of information on the accuracy of its final version. This presents food for thought with relation to the authenticity of the books of hadith upheld by Muslims today.

13- Halal Meat

What is lawful to eat according to the Quran in contrast with what is labelled as 'halal' as a result of human innovation.

14- Are Dogs prohibited in the Quran?

Are dogs dirty animals? are dogs prohibited as pets? should we kill all black dogs as some hadith say? What is the Quranic view of these outrageous suggestions?

15- The "Bible Code", truth or myth?

Numerous scholars have claimed to have uncovered a hidden code in the Bible. This brief article examines the truth in this claim.

16- Alcohol prohibition

This article explains the prohibition of alcohol (intoxicants) and presents the reader with a comprehensive revue of the ill effects of drinking.

Part 2